Currently On Tap & To Go


Last updated November 25th, 2015


  • Harlequin – Amber infused with 50 lbs of in-house toasted coconut aged 8 months in 12 yr Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrels
  • Woody Barrelson – IPA ‘barrel-hopped’ in Oak with whole-cone Chinook
  • Barrel Aged Baltic Porter – Aged 18 months in High West Bourbon Barrels
  • Rye Robustito – A session-style porter aged in Rye whiskey barrels
  • Pungent Pumpkin – Pumpkin sour aged in Cabernet barrels


  • Jolly Rodger 2015 – This year we’ve partnered with Highwire Coffee to brew an Imperial Coffee Porter using their select roasted from the Huila region of Columbia
  • Living After Midnight – India Black Ale; A tribute to our graveyard shift
  • Anatidaephobia (Fear of the Duck) – Black Saison w/ “Ales for ALS” hop blend and black wheat malt accentuated with grains of paradise and a French saison yeast. The name refers to the fear of being gazed at by ducks
  • Rise of the Dark Gourd – Imperial Pumpkin Porter
  • Triplicity IPA Vol 2 – The Second in a new series of IPAs: Citra in the Kettle, 07270 in the whirlpool, dry-hopped with Lemondrop (formerly experimental hop 01210) (on deck)
  • Foraging Raccoon IPA – Unfiltered Experimental IPA (the beer formerly known at 7×70)
  • Oaklanderweisse – German Sour w/ Orange Zest
  • Bock to the Future II – Unfiltered German Dopplebock
  • On Cask: Rise of the Dark Gourd – Imperial Pumpkin Porter


  • Hefe – Bavarian-style Hefeweizen
  • 1500 – Dry Hopped Norcal-style Pale Ale
  • Dry Stout– Irish-Style Dry Stout on Nitro
  • IPA – “Old School” West Coast India Pale Ale
  • Denogginizer – Imperial IPA
  • Black Robusto – Robust Porter
  • Drakonic – Imperial Stout

6-Packs, Cases, and Bottles To-Go

  • 6-packs: $7.99
  • Cases (12oz): $27.99
  • IPA/1500 Combo-packs (12oz 12-packs): $19.35
  • Black Robusto 22oz bombers: $4
  • 22oz bomber Denog & Drakonic: $6.50
  • 22oz bomber Jolly Rodger 2015: $8
  • 22oz bomber Barrel-Aged Jolly Rodger 2015: $18
  • 22oz Case (12 bottles) (Denog/Drakonic): $72
  • 22oz Case (12 bottles) (Black Robusto): $42
  • 220z Case (12 bottles) (Jolly Rodger): $88
    Prices do not include tax & CRV

Brew-Rhino Kegs

Growler fills are available for to take home, but you can’t drink ’em here (it’s the law, friends). We offer our growler for $10, plus the cost to fill.  Year-round beers are $10-$19 for fills, and seasonal fills range between $20-$3o. (Select Specialties and Barreled Beers Excluded)

We are able and willing to fill outside growlers– either generic beer growlers or growlers from other breweries, however:

Clean it before you bring it. We’ll rinse it, of course, but it’s up to you to keep it clean, and we’re not going to fill a dirty growler, because we’re not heathens.

We can’t fill just anything. For now, we will fill 2-liter swingtop growlers, 64-oz screw-top growlers (the two most common), 32-oz & 1-liter growlers, 32 & 64 oz Hydroflasks, and any other beer-specific growler of those capacities whose capacity is marked. (That should cover 95% of growlers out there.) We will not fill 1 gallon containers, 3 liter growlers (sorry, Bastards), plastic containers (including any form of “beer box”), kegs, milk jugs, apple juice bottles, buckets, flasks, snowglobes, truck beds, or hats. So, you know… common sense.

Any marking from other breweries must be obscured. We can do this with opaque plastic wrap, but if you’d like something prettier, make sure that the non-Drake’s logos are covered with something that is, to quote the state regulation, “not easily removed.” So there does have to be something affixed to the glass (no growler koozies or oversized Crown Royal bags).


IMAG36215 gallon kegs are available for purchase at the Barrel House, through our exclusive “Brew-Rhino” program.

Brew-Rhino works like this:  On your first purchase you buy the 5 gallon keg itself ($70), and the beer inside.  Now, you are the proud owner of your own beer keg!  On subsequent visits, just bring in your Brew-Rhino keg to trade out for a fresh keg of beer.  And, if you’d ever like to return your keg, we’ll buy it back from you for $50 (what you paid, less a $20 re-stocking fee). Picnic taps are also available for sale (no returns on taps).  There is no markup on the kegs or picnic taps, we sell to you at our cost.

Please note that we cannot guarantee all styles will be available at any time, but we strive to carry as many styles as possible.  The kegs are standard D-coupler Sankeys.

Keg fills are $55 for regular beers, $65 for year round strong beers and some specialties, and up to $110 for select seasonals. Below is what we carry, but email for up-to-the-minute availability.