Our Weekend- Oaktoberfest, Parktoberfest, Sausages and Suds and GABF

It’s a little quiet round the brewery today, but sorta that quiet before the storm sorta way… there’s a lot happenin’ this weekend. Several of our brewers left yesterday for the Great American Beer Festival ready to chill with brewers and beer geeks from across the country and basically have a helluva, beer-soaked weekend. They […]

Today at Drake’s: Large Crane, New Tanks, Bigger Kettle… Tomorrow at Drake’s= More Beer

There are few things more genuinely exciting to a craft brewer than getting tanks installed in the brewery. So, as a large red crane and two semis hauling three new 60 barrel fermenters and a new Brew Kettle rolled round the bend into our lot, we watched with pride — the pride of a new […]

Introducing Drake’s Newest Brewer: Chris Dunstan

It’s a Brewer! We have a new addition to our clan, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Chris Dunstan, formally of Moylan’s Brewing Co. and North Coast Brewing Co., worked his first official day as Drake’s newest brewer today, but he’s far from a newbie round here. Chris has been a friend of […]

Flocktoberfest 2011: Recap AND More Oktoberfest Fun with Drake’s

So on Thursday we got the forklift into our Barrel House and moved things around to make a room out of barrels filled with beer (sounds like heaven, right?). Then on Friday we filled the room with friends, German fare, and steins and steins full of Festbier as we celebrated Flocktoberfest. It was a tremendous […]

One Year with Alex Nowell- Happy Anniversary

One year ago today our lady of the brewhouse, that kickass brewer that tends to smell nicer than all the rest of the guys, Miss Alex Nowell joined the Drake’s Family, and it was good- very good. Alex quickly made her presence known round here as a force to be reckoned with workin’ long brew […]

Kyle Teaches Us How to Drink a HausFest Festbier

While there is nothing wrong with simply drinking a pint of our Festbier as you would any other craft pint, our Brewer Kyle demonstrates how you can get the full experience of the HausFest Festbier. Using this method will surely transport you to a Bavarian happy place… Step 1: See it. Step 2: Smell it. […]

Drake’s on Camera: Oktoberfest Edition

Today we were visited by folks from TapIn Bay Area, an Ipad News App from the Bay Area News Group, for a video shoot about Oktoberfest in the Bay Area. With our Flocktoberfest event next week and our HausFest Festbier just finished up, we gotta say, we’re pretty stoked for the Festival this year. Brian […]

New Floor Going In: One Step Closer to More Beer!

In our continuing quest to make even more awesome beer by expanding the brewery, this week we have moved one step closer– a shiny new floor. A team of certified pros took over the warehouse with power sanders, gas masks, and heavy machinery to make this place worthy of the glorious new 20 barrel tanks […]

A Girl and Her Beer: Pink Boots Society Scholarship Brewing at Drake’s

Earlier this month we hosted a brewing day that was pretty unique, even for us. Our brewer Alex Nowell, generally the sole source of estrogen round the brewery invited the Northern California Chapter of the Pink Boots Society to brew the very first Pink Boots Scholarship Beer. What’s that, you ask? Let’s go back to […]

Godspeed Mike Manty!

We had a fantastic  Labor Day weekend with our September First Friday a special Brew Day with the Pink Boots Society and lots of R&R, but now that the holiday is over, we are back to our day-to-day routine, which today, has one big piece missing. Last Friday, long time member of the Drake’s family, […]