Tank Migration: Making Room for Bigger Brews

Our boil kettle, old faithful, the lady of San Leandro, the keeper of the Drake’s hoppy place, has been churning out 15 barrel batches of excellent beer here for over twenty years, and she’s tired. She’s ready to head to the land of long-loved brewing equipment. We have her replacement standing in the wings. He’s […]

Around the Brewery: Dehydration and Pantry Raiding Barrels

We’re always keeping busy round here, even when we aren’t technically brewing. “What? Not brewing? But… Why??” you ask? Well, turns out our landlords had some flooding/busted water line issues that needed some attention. They have worked through the night to fix it but it still left us with out water all morning. Such is […]

Trivia Nights at Drake’s Barrel House

Ready to drop some knowledge on your friends? Wanna do it while enjoying one of over 22 Drake’s beers on tap? Want the chance to win free beer for being a master of obscure 80’s movie references, Chinese geography or 90’s grunge band one hit wonders? Your time has come. Introducing: Trivia Nights at Drake’s […]

Switching Places: Drake’s/Triple Rock Craft Beer Cross Training

Somethings different in the brewery these days… Perhaps it’s because where Alex normally stands on the brew deck there is a tall, long haired tattooed fellow manning the mashtun, though he does seem vaguely familiar. It’s George Kumparak from Triple Rock, down here to get a lil training on the bigger system here at Drake’s […]

One Year with Kyle Wilson

Just over a year ago Kyle Wilson made his way across San Francisco, over the Bay Bridge, down the East Bay to San Leandro, across the Westgate parking lot and up to the brewery door here at Drake’s to ask a question. Do you guys need any help around here? He managed talk with a […]