SF Beer Week 2012- Twas Epic- Our Highlights

This year’s Beer Week was by all accounts the most phenomenal showing by breweries and attendees across the Bay Area in the week-long event’s history (we would know, we were there). With something along the lines of 300 events throughout the tumultuous ten days, Bay Area beer lovers smelled, sipped, paired, guzzled and enjoyed craft […]

Hopocalypse Black Label Takes Gold for Triple IPAs!

The Bistro’s Annual Double IPA Festival just so happens to be one of our favorite events of the year. The sheer array of strong, hoppy brews available is staggering (which by the way is what many folks are doing by the time they leave the fest). Beers ranging from the hugely bitter and strong to […]

Brewing Sales Rep Doug’s Belgian Golden Strong Ale- B.D. Golden Peril

We’re guessing at least a few of you out there have met Doug Ashcraft. As an avid homebrewer and certified BJCP judge, Doug has been a staple of the Bay Area beer and homebrewing for a long long time. Well, in late November, we were lucky enough to bring Doug into the Drake’s fray as […]

An Epic Hopocalypse Day at Drake’s

An air of excitement hung in the air as the sun rose in San Leandro on Saturday. Cases and kegs of our Hopocalypse Double IPA and Hopocalypse Black Label Triple IPA sat in the cold box waiting for thirsty craft beer fans to arrive and get the first taste of the hoppy-goodness and grab a […]