Drake’s News Update: Father’s Day, Alpha Session, and Aromas

Dad’s Day at Drake’s Father’s Day approaches. Time to toast the guy that (likely) let you taste your first sip of beer.  To honor that gift and the many more your Dads have given over the years, we suggest you get down to the Barrel House on Father’s Day (so long as you’re over 21… […]

Alpha Session Debuts Saturday, May 19

Three years ago, the brewers, in an effort to give their livers a break from the big IPAs and double IPAs they’d been cranking out (IPA, Denogginizer, Hop Salad, Aroma Coma, Hopocalypse), decided to brew a session ale. However, they were unwilling to give up their west-coast hop addiction to accomplish this goal. Their solution? […]

2012 Craft Brewer’s Conference- i.e. the Best Industry Family Reunion

We had an incredible time at the Craft Brewers Conference this year. Thanks to the Brewers Association for putting it on. So, many incredible brewers and friends were there. Now we’re back and more ready than ever to get back to brewing beer, but first here are a few highlights. 1. CBC Opening Gala at […]