West Coast Barrel Aged Festival Contenders 2012

Our lead brewer Alex kinda smells like wood, wine, booze, and beer. No, we’re not commenting on Ms. Nowell’s hygenic routines. Rather, for the past few weeks, Alex has regularly been found in the barrels- pulling tastes, climbing barrels, taking notes, creating blends. After all her efforts, we now have a list of beers currently […]

Four Years of Change with John and Roy

This Saturday marks the anniversary of what has been a huge milestone in the growth of our humble brewery. Four years ago on November 3rd, John Martin and Roy Kirkorian walked into the Drake’s Brewery as the new owners. There they found a 19-year-old boil kettle, thirteen 15 barrel fermenters, one driver, and two brewers […]

Jolly Rodger 2012 Release Approaches

 As the winds rise and the chill begins to fall on the Bay Area, the brewers at Drake’s beckon forth again their swashbuckling seasonal Jolly Rodger from the fog. On Saturday, November 10 at 12pm at Drake’s Barrel House, this year’s incarnation of our always bold Jolly Rodger will emerge from the tanks to greet […]