Aroma Coma Release Details (AKA how you can get your sweet sweet Aroma fix this Sat. June 28th)

We know you’re excited. We are too. We also know that our releases seem to be getting bigger every year with all you excellent people telling all your friends they HAVE to try Aroma Coma when it comes out. First of all, thanks a lot! Secondly, more people means we have to be pretty clear […]

John G. Jibber-Jabs on Aroma

Industry treasure & Drake’s Head Brewer John Gillooly has a lot of opinions. He will also share them at will (trust us). So, we’ve decided to share his opinions with you nice blog readers. This month, he explains some new processes for enhancing the hop aroma of Aroma Coma: Coma season is upon us. As […]