John G’s Jibber Jab- Why Do U.S. brewers care less about malt?

Industry treasure & Drake’s Head Brewer John Gillooly has a lot of opinions. He will also share them at will (trust us). So, we’ve decided to share his opinions with you nice blog readers. And with’s post about the romance behind malt, we thought his thoughts on malts from the May 2014 newsletter would […]

Meet Tony: Drake’s Taproom Fixture Since Before the DBH

If we do say so ourselves, we got a pretty sweet thing goin’ on here in our humble Barrel House. We just marked its third anniversary last month, and we began opening seven days a week. With this milestone past us, we thought now would be a good time to look back at the DBH’s […]

July 2014- Newsletter

Hi again, Here’s the link for our July 2014 newsletter. This issue features our founder posing for you, details on getting your Aroma Coma fix, initial info on our 25th Anniversary event, and lots of updates on the Drake’s Barrel House, including a little life history of our taproom manager Antonio Sarinana. Cheers,