Cryptographic DIPA – Local Nate Smith’s GABF Pro-Am

As anyone from around here knows, there’s no dearth of good beer or good breweries in the Bay Area.  But where do they all come from? Well, if you’re sitting in a beer bar, chances are there’s a future brewmaster sitting a couple stools down from you. Most production brewhouses can trace their lineage back […]

Drake’s Field Trip to the Hop Farm

As our friends over at the SF Brewers Guild point out, it’s hop harvest season, and that means wet-hopped beers- beers hopped with fresh, unprocessed, “wet” hops.  “Wet hops?” we hear you ask, “where do you get those?”  Well, in this case, we got them from Hood Hops Ranch, in Hood, CA.  And by “get […]

Drake’s 25th Anniversary Headzo Pre-Sale VIP tickets & Bottles- AVAILABLE NOW

First off, here’s the ticket link, if you’re into the whole brevity thing: • Drake’s has been around for 25 years, and we’re throwing Drake’s biggest party ever on Friday, September 12th, from 4-10pm, and there are plenty of reasons to be stoked for it. Here are a few to sink your teeth into: 1) Friday Night. […]

Drake’s: Not Just in the Bay

True, we’ve been in the same building in the East Bay since 1989, and we’ll always count The Beast as our home & our Bay Area fans as our neighbors and supporters. And it’s precisely because of that support we’ve become the tiny bigger brewery many of you know & love us as. That brings […]

Meet Dwight & his Bottling Line

Like many breweries in the country, the first foot in our door is a spot on the bottling line, packing cases, building pallets, and moving as fast as you can. These guys start at 7am most days, live off of a variety of snacks that’d put a movie theater to shame, and they don’t stop […]