Beer That’s Not Really A Beer

DAMN it’s tasty! In anticipation of its release Friday, we broke out a bottle of the long anticipated Headzo No. 2 with Barrel Master Travis Camacho. When Camacho tried this beer two years ago he knew he wanted to let this big-ass beer mellow out. “The beer had a lot of sweetness to it, and I […]

Our Favorite Kind of Therapy

This year, for our 27th Anniversary, we’re releasing an all new limited Triple IPA. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Get inside our obsession with hops for some Aroma Therapy. Did you know that smell is the only one of our five senses that connects straight into the brain? Yep, your nose is kind of […]

The Unholy Alliance

We love working with local companies, bringing together seemingly different industries to make some kick ass beer. Unholy Alliance, our aptly named collaboration with Rock Wall Wine Company (Alameda, CA), is a Viognier Grape American Sour Beer that’ll be released for the first time ever in bottles on August 26th. Rockwall provided us with 2000 pounds […]

Drake’s 27th

You guys remember that time we turned 25? Yea, awesome shindig. With all the construction and whatnot, we kinda had to skip right over 26 and since we were pretty sad about it, we’re making up for it this year. This is your invitation to attend our even-bigger-than-last-time-celebration-of-Drake’s 27th Anniversary Party on Friday, August 26th! Our San Leandro brewery parking […]