Unfiltered: The Saga of Hop Vice

By John Gillooly, Drake’s BrewmasterMarch 21, 2017 We’re putting a new beer in a 6-pack: Hop Vice. While this is technically a new beer for us, we have been making a White IPA—defined here as an unfiltered, wheat-based IPA—in one form or another for almost four years. The first version was called Abominably Jolly and was released […]

Brewer’s Choice: Wolfhound

  The month of March brings us two joys: dark beer and debauchery. Malty, roasty brews are happily deposed in honor of Saint Patrick and the hunt for the perfect Irish treat is in full steam. Our resident brewer/botanist, Molly O’Brien, brings her unique brand of acerbic sweetness in this month’s Brewer’s Choice, Wolfhound. “I really began my love story with dark […]