Unfiltered: Brew Year’s Resolutions

We get the year started putting together our annual collabs with HenHouse and Beachwood breweries, for release during SF Beer Week.

Eric Nerds Out: Jolly History

Winter is just a snowball’s throw away and yet in San Leandro, we’re here without anything frozen to chuck at each other. Instead, we celebrate the cold months by crafting brews that warm us up, and that beer is always Jolly Rodger.

Beersgiving with Chef Taylor

Cooking with beer is hard. Cooking with beer is even harder when you’re trying to break conventions as firm as what Thanksgiving dinner should be and how things need to taste.

Unfiltered: Reflections on Hop Selection

I’ve been going to Yakima every year for a long time now to select hops for the brewery. Hop selection is a pretty intense process–you’re at a table with various lots of the same hop but grown at different farms, and your job is to assess each lot and decide which one is going to work for you that year.

Unfiltered: It’s Our Anniversary!

Drake’s is about to celebrate our 28th Anniversary, which in “craft brewery” years is like 150.