Eric Nerds Out: Jolly History

Winter is just a snowball’s throw away and yet in San Leandro, we’re here without anything frozen to chuck at each other. Instead, we celebrate the cold months by crafting brews that warm us up, and that beer is always Jolly Rodger. The Early Years Our first ever batch of Jolly was brewed in June […]

Beersgiving with Chef Taylor

Cooking with beer is hard. Cooking with beer is even harder when you’re trying to break conventions as firm as what Thanksgiving dinner should be and how things need to taste. How do we go about sneaking in barley and hops to a party where they haven’t been invited for a couple hundred years? Down […]

Unfiltered: Reflections on Hop Selection

I’ve been going to Yakima every year for a long time now to select hops for the brewery. Hop selection is a pretty intense process–you’re at a table with various lots of the same hop but grown at different farms, and your job is to assess each lot and decide which one is going to […]

Unfiltered: It’s Our Anniversary!

Drake’s is about to celebrate our 28th Anniversary, which in “craft brewery” years is like 150. Each year, we make special beer to celebrate the day and this year, we have a couple that are particularly noteworthy: First up – The Void The Void was brewed to about 12% ABV in the brewhaus, and in the […]

Unfiltered: Aroma Day 2017

Last year, Aroma Coma “graduated” from being our summer seasonal IPA to being a year-round beer. We brewers always looked forward to the release of this beer as it was the one place we used Citra, a really impacted hop that we only had enough of to brew this beer as a seasonal. We finally […]

Drake’s DIY: Case Box Cowboy Hat

What screams ‘Murica louder than making a cowboy hat out of a case box? Pretty much nothing, that’s what. Drake’s longest serving employee, Dow Tunis, shows you how to impress your friends and annoy your enemies in our most recent #DrakesDIY blog. Slightly more involved than last month’s bottle cap cornhole, this cowboy hat is durable, […]

Unfiltered: The Raccoon Is Free

In the summer of 2013, we embarked on a project to create a new IPA, a complement to our classic Drake’s IPA. Our goal was to feature some of the new hop varieties coming out of Yakima valley. Beyond the grapefruit and pine notes of the classic “C” hops (Cascade, Centennial and Chinook) we use […]

Drake’s DIY: Bottle Cap Cornhole

Once again, the creative bug has bitten our team while they drink alcohol, bringing you the latest edition of Drake’s DIY! This series features different members of our staff drinking and crafting in the most baller (and sometimes disastrous) ways. Even simpler than last month’s project, Bottle Cap Cornhole is the gift that keeps giving. […]

Unfiltered: Session Beer

On May 20, we are hosting our 5th Annual Session Beer Fest, a beer event that serves ONLY beer under 5% ABV. This is one of my favorite beer festivals ever. We shed all the “What’s your strongest beer?” hunters from the crowd, and it’s just a super chill time for people tasting and enjoying beers […]

Brewer’s Choice: Fainting Goat

Originally from the heart of the Rust Belt in Ohio, Emmy Smith came to Drake’s with absolutely no experience in brewing, only a thirst to learn the art of beer-making. Like most brewers, she came trained in another industry, having learned the art of cinematography and filmmaking. Emmy started out with Drake’s as a production assistant which means doing grunt work, scrubbing tanks, […]