Hop Vice White IPA

We have many vices, one of which is our shameless love of hops. This beer sprung from our obsession with discovering cool new varieties from around the globe. Hop Vice IPA pours a hazy white with bright melon aromatics and dank tropicality. So is it vice… or is it virtue?

Food Pairings

  • Pecorino Siciliana Cheese
  • Lime Cilantro Chicken Tacos
  • Tom Kha Gai Thai Coconut Soup


  • Malt: 2-Row Malted Barley, Pilsner Malt, White Wheat, Flaked Rye, Flaked White Wheat
  • Hops: Amarillo, Hallertau Blanc, Idaho #7, Jarrylo(Dry Hop); Pacific Jade, Cascade, Kobatu (Whirlpool); Chinook (Kettle)
  • Yeast: California Ale 001
  • Original Gravity: 13.5 Degrees Plato
  • Final Gravity: 2.0 Degrees Plato
  • Alc/Vol: 6.2%
  • IBUs: 67
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