Unfiltered: Aroma Day 2017

Last year, Aroma Coma “graduated” from being our summer seasonal IPA to being a year-round beer. We brewers always looked forward to the release of this beer as it was the one place we used Citra, a really impacted hop that we only had enough of to brew this beer as a seasonal. We finally […]

Unfiltered: The Raccoon Is Free

In the summer of 2013, we embarked on a project to create a new IPA, a complement to our classic Drake’s IPA. Our goal was to feature some of the new hop varieties coming out of Yakima valley. Beyond the grapefruit and pine notes of the classic “C” hops (Cascade, Centennial and Chinook) we use […]

Unfiltered: On Hoppy Beer

Hoppy beers are by far the biggest selling beers in the craft beer industry. Easily more than 80% of the beers we brew are hoppy, including our three major core beers: 1500 Pale Ale, Drake’s IPA, and Denogginizer Double IPA. The majority of our special releases are hop-forward variations on different IPAs, too: Hopocalypse, War […]

Unfiltered: The Saga of Hop Vice

We are putting a new beer in a 6-pack: Hop Vice. While this is technically a new beer for us, we have been making a White IPA—defined here as an unfiltered, wheat-based IPA—in one form or another for almost four years. The first version was called Abominably Jolly and was released in the fall of 2013 in […]

Unfiltered: Hopocalypse Now!

With Hopocalypse Day approaching, our cellars are rapidly filling up with a variety of different strong IPAs. Our cellar department is full-time executing massive multi-stage dry-hops (and our accounting department is shaking their heads at the crazy hop bills). Our highlights for this year’s Hopocalypse Day start with our usual suspects – Hopocalypse Green Label […]

Unfiltered: A Matter of Clarity

I figure anyone reading this blog probably knows we recently underwent an expansion, which involved re-learning to brew on newer/bigger/fancier equipment.  One of our most prized purchases was our centrifuge, which replaced our diatomaceous earth filter.  With our old filter, all of our beer came out crystal clear (or “bright”, which I spell as “brite” […]

Unfiltered: Another Year, Another GABF

It takes the brain a bit to recover from GABF.  From October 6-8, brewers and beer drinkers from around the country descended on Denver like a swarm of beer-crazed zombies to celebrate another Great American Beer Festival. For the brewers, it’s a time to catch up with our peers, check out what each other is doing—maybe […]

Brewmaster Unfiltered: Hop Harvest

We make a number of different beers here at Drake’s, but our focus is hop-forward beers. That requires us to pay a lot of attention to the hops we buy. We are quite particular about the varieties we use, but more than that, we care about certain characteristics displayed by those varieties. It’s all well […]

John G’s Jibber Jab- The Hopocalypse is Nigh!

Industry treasure & Drake’s Head Brewer John Gillooly shares his thoughts about the brewing and release of Hopocalypse.  At the end of every calendar year, we begin to receive our new harvest hops, and we start to build our year’s Hopocalypse brews in our mind.  This year was a tough harvest – Yakima Valley was […]

John G’s Jibber-Jab: Triplicity IPA

Industry treasure & Drake’s Head Brewer John Gillooly has a lot of opinions. We’ve decided to share his opinions with you nice blog readers. For our perceptive Aroma Coma fans (patients?) and fans of Aroma Prieta, you may have noticed that these are studies in American and New Zealand hops. They begin with the same […]