Restaurant Thir13en Sacramento Beer Dinner with Chef Adam Pechal

When it comes to a day that appears only once every four years that just so happens to land smack in the middle of Sacramento Beer Week, we figured it was the perfect excuse chance to have a tremendous, Epicurean night of food and craft beer. Chef Adam Pechal has been making a name for […]

It’s Official- Drake’s is Good Food

The Second Annual Good Food Awards was held this past weekend, and we are very happy to announce that our Drakonic Imperial Stout took top Craft Beer honors alongside just a handful of other beers. Our malty beast held it’s own against hundreds of other craft beer entries from around the country, and now it […]

Food Pairing: Cheese and Chocolate with Drake’s

A week from Friday, Drake’s is teaming up with Tcho Chocolates for a Beer, Cheese and Chocolate Pairing event, and so, to prepare the best line-up of pairings for that night we thought it would be a good idea to have a pre-tasting here at the Brewery. Also, we just really really like cheese, chocolate […]

Brewmaster’s Dinner with Brian Thorson and Bruce Paton (the Beer Chef)= Culinary nirvana

This past Friday Bruce Paton, aka the Beer Chef as he’s come to be known in the Bay Area, put together an incredible four-course menu to highlight some of our beers— including some of our barrel-aged beers. Back in February during San Francisco Beer Week, Paton caught the ear of our head brewer Brian Thorson […]

Thanksgiving is coming!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!   Which means it’s time to eat and eat and drink and eat and drink and drink and then eat some more (at least that’s how my Thanksgivings are…) Beer is a great drink to pair with Thanksgiving dishes. And, not only pair, but cook with. However, you don’t […]