Drake’s 27th

You guys remember that time we turned 25? Yea, awesome shindig. With all the construction and whatnot, we kinda had to skip right over 26 and since we were pretty sad about it, we’re making up for it this year. This is your invitation to attend our even-bigger-than-last-time-celebration-of-Drake’s 27th Anniversary Party on Friday, August 26th! Our San Leandro brewery parking […]

Drake’s Beer & California Cheese Pairing

On Valentine’s Day, we cleared out our soon-to-be new fermentation space next to the Barrel House to host Kirstin Jackson, author of It’s Not You, It’s Brie, for her second SF Beer Week cheese pairing with us.  After a few meetings with our brewers & event staffers, here’s the lineup we presented to a cheese-filled […]

Black Robusto Porter now in Bottles

On Monday, a new label ran through our bottling line in San Leandro. For the first time, the long time, draft only brew, Black Robusto Porter stepped into our bottle line-up in 22oz bombers. Drake’s Black Robusto is a deep, dark “Robust Porter,” a beer style known for being darker, fuller-bodied, and stronger than a […]

Drake’s Flocktoberfest 2012

Oktoberfest is approaching, and as far as we’re concerned any holiday season that basically revolves around great beer and sausage is flockin’ chill in our book. Still, we find that most of the time we can do without wearing leather shorts and the polka. But that’s what’s so great about being American… we can do whatever […]

Good Eatin’ in Napa

When the opportunity to host a Beer Dinner with acclaimed chef Todd Humphries arose, it probably took us all of 10 seconds to jump onboard. At his restaurant The Kitchen Door in Napa’s Oxbow Public Market, Humphries has started a monthly series of beer dinners with Mutineer Magazine pairing local, seasonal comfort foods with local […]

Restaurant Thir13en Sacramento Beer Dinner with Chef Adam Pechal

When it comes to a day that appears only once every four years that just so happens to land smack in the middle of Sacramento Beer Week, we figured it was the perfect excuse chance to have a tremendous, Epicurean night of food and craft beer. Chef Adam Pechal has been making a name for […]

SF Beer Week 2012- Twas Epic- Our Highlights

This year’s Beer Week was by all accounts the most phenomenal showing by breweries and attendees across the Bay Area in the week-long event’s history (we would know, we were there). With something along the lines of 300 events throughout the tumultuous ten days, Bay Area beer lovers smelled, sipped, paired, guzzled and enjoyed craft […]

Hopocalypse Black Label Takes Gold for Triple IPAs!

The Bistro’s Annual Double IPA Festival just so happens to be one of our favorite events of the year. The sheer array of strong, hoppy brews available is staggering (which by the way is what many folks are doing by the time they leave the fest). Beers ranging from the hugely bitter and strong to […]

2012 So Far at Drake’s- Hitting the Ground Running

If the rest of the year is like the first week of 2012, we’re going to have one helluva year. Here’s the Recap. Tuesday and Wednesday: Hopocalypse Brewing. First Brew of year- we made it count. See previous post for some pictures Thursday: One Fermented Evening- Drake’s Beer Dinner Several of the Drake’s crew headed […]

Food Pairing: Cheese and Chocolate with Drake’s

A week from Friday, Drake’s is teaming up with Tcho Chocolates for a Beer, Cheese and Chocolate Pairing event, and so, to prepare the best line-up of pairings for that night we thought it would be a good idea to have a pre-tasting here at the Brewery. Also, we just really really like cheese, chocolate […]