Kick Back for Our Parks

Session beers have been in our DNA for quite a few years now. Once people started referring to us as “The Denog Brewery,” we realized we needed to step up our game on delicious beers that won’t knock you on your ass. You know, mostly for contrast, but also because well, when you work in […]

Aroma Coma Release Details (AKA how you can get your sweet sweet Aroma fix this Sat. June 28th)

We know you’re excited. We are too. We also know that our releases seem to be getting bigger every year with all you excellent people telling all your friends they HAVE to try Aroma Coma when it comes out. First of all, thanks a lot! Secondly, more people means we have to be pretty clear […]

John G. Jibber-Jabs on Aroma

Industry treasure & Drake’s Head Brewer John Gillooly has a lot of opinions. He will also share them at will (trust us). So, we’ve decided to share his opinions with you nice blog readers. This month, he explains some new processes for enhancing the hop aroma of Aroma Coma: Coma season is upon us. As […]

Aroma Coma drops June 28th

California, do us a favor. Step outside. Point your nose the the vague direction of the East Bay. Inhale. Smell that? Exhale. It’s the smell of your favorite West Coast-style IPA heading back to the Golden State. And now… drink. Details are subject to change, but here’s how the event is looking right now:There will be […]

Alpha & Omega Session Arrive at Drake’s… and they took the bike lane…

When the doors open at Drake’s Barrel House on Saturday, April 26th at noon, ride your bike, jog from the Alameda Ferry, hop on BART, or get your cool uncle to drive you down for the release of Alpha Session IPA and Omega Session American Dark Mild.  Summer is fast approaching, and with it, the promise of […]

Drake’s SFBW 2014 Schedule

We’re gonna be all over the Bay Area for Beer Week, so much so it’ll no doubt make our head spin. Well, that and all the Hopocalypse.  Here’s our list of events we’ll be representing at… feel free to bend our ears, ask us questions, or hell, just drink our beer. Friday, February 7 Opening […]

Jolly Rodger Release Nov. 2, 2013- Come Meet the Family

While Jolly Rodger’s been around a long time, it’s also got the largest identity crisis as it changes styles each year.  It originated as an English-style barleywine, then was later a brown ale, an Imperial Red, and last year made it (almost) full-circle as an American Barleywine.  Many years (and many people with some form […]

Drake’s Experimental IPAs are Coming

If you know us at all, you understand we have a deep, abiding fascination with all forms of hops and hop-forward beers, particularly those native to our little slice of life here on the West Coast. Furthermore, if you haven’t noticed, we really get into all things science. Yeast cell counts excite us beyond normal […]

Drake’s Does Hella Wet Hops and Harvest Aroma Coma

We’ve spent a good amount of time talking at you about hops: how they can vary on a yearly basis , how they are an agricultural product…    None of these points seems more obvious than when harvest season rolls along and craft brewers round the country get a chance to once again do their […]

Triple Hopped Aroma Swap

You know Aroma Coma, our American-hopped summer IPA.  You probably also know its twin Aroma Prieta, hopped with hops from New Zealand.  You also know that they were released on Saturday at the Barrel House. There were bottles. There were kegs. The taps were of course flowing all day.  But the sleeper stars were the casks.  Knowing […]