Cask Program

Cellar Manager, Hal McConnellogue, is leading our exciting and delicious Cask Program. We create and serve traditional style casks, but also blend them with a large variety of special ingredients, which gives us the chance to experiment. For example, we’ve added blueberries to Drakonic Imperial Stout, blended our Best Coast IPA with locally roasted coffee, and added a twist of mango to 1500 Pale Ale.


If you would like to try these unique beers from our award-winning cask program, head to Drake’s Barrel House or Drake’s Dealership. Both locations have specially designed hand pumps for cask service. If you’re interested in serving one of our casks at your bar or restaurant, contact for questions and availability.

Hal McConnellogue


A cask is a vessel containing beer that is naturally carbonated through the use of active yeast inside the cask. Yeast will initiate a secondary fermentation in the cask, both finishing the beer, and producing a light natural carbonation. Once ready, the beer is served directly from the cask via gravity tap, or pulled through a bar top hand pump.

Cask beer is typically poured at cellar temperature, around 55 °F, but not warm or extremely cold. The light carbonation and slightly warmer serving temperature allows the flavors and aromas of the hops and malt, to become more prominent.  

Each cask is personally monitored and cellared at proper temperature. We use a delicate hand in our ingredient additions, and we give each cask the necessary time to complete secondary fermentation and conditioning. When done properly, these blends are absolute delights to the palate.