Beer That’s Not Really A Beer

DAMN it’s tasty! In anticipation of its release Friday, we broke out a bottle of the long anticipated Headzo No. 2 with Barrel Master Travis Camacho. When Camacho tried this beer two years ago he knew he wanted to let this big-ass beer mellow out.

“The beer had a lot of sweetness to it, and I really wanted to minimize some of it” Camacho said. So that’s what he did. “We decided to put the beer in bourbon barrels and then transfer it into Port barrels, leaving space for the beer to oxidize and smooth out the sugars.”


Now two years in the making, this beer is SMOOTH; it drinks more like a dessert wine than a beer. Bourbon spice, dark fruit, and caramel notes make Headzo No. 2 a delicious treat.

Want to get your hands on this delicious beer? Bottles will be released at our Anniversary party this Friday, along with Unholy Alliance and Aroma Therapy.