LA Beer Fest 2011

A successful weekend at the LA Beer Fest put on by Drink. Eat. Play. Thanks for all of you who came out and supported the event and the breweries. See you around LA everyone!


  1. Gary May says:

    Of all the beers tasted at Beerfest, Drakes is my new favorite. You guys Rick and I hope to see Drakes more readily available.

  2. Been to Drakes in the past. several times. And loved it. But not since they have remodeled it. Will plan to go there later today. Loved the place. I just live down the street. So it’s exiting to me to have a unique place like Drakes here. My Friends and I love beer hence why we have beer bellies. We wear XXXL shirts. Now here is the question. Why is it that your beer shirts only go to size XXL when many friends of mine are like me. We like to wear are t-shirts loose. So a XXXL t-shirts would be the right fit for are beer bellies. Any thought of allowing the Big Beer Drinkers a chance to help advertise Drakes by perhaps printing a few XXXL T-shirts?

    • Hey John,

      Thanks for writing. We’ve been working on some new designs, and will have a stock of t-shirts coming in to accommodate all shapes and sizes! Stay tuned– we’ll have some options available online, as well as in Drake’s Barrel House. Cheers.