Revive Me: Year of the Fist India Pale Ale

Cellar Manager, Hal McConnellogue, shares two of his latest creations, and how they united at Drake’s Brewing.

I’ve been playing music my entire life, but can’t say I’ve been drinking beer the entire time, right?  I was once at the Kraftbrau Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where I had a Vienna Lager, and couldn’t believe what I experienced. The deep malt character, ruby color, white head, and taps flowing freely all night long, jump started my passion for beer. Since that point, I’ve sought out beers that exude the environment in which they were created, while traveling around the world playing music. 

Year of the Fist and Drake’s relationship has been brewing since the infamous, sweaty beer soaked, and sardine packed nights at the legendary 510 Malt Liquor shows. It was obvious that the symbiotic relationship should reveal a collaboration beer between the two at some point.  Celebrating the release of their 3rd studio album Revive Me, Year of the Fist teamed up to brew a punk rock n’ roll IPA. The beer was made with 2-row malt, drums, toasted rice, bass guitar, hal9000 Beers, pilsner malt, cymbals, Serge, Amarillo hops, Katie Cash, dual guitars, water, Citra and Mosaic hops, Squeaky, and the onslaught of dual vocals. The result is greater than the sum of its parts, for both the music and the brew.

I’ve bottled, racked kegs, cleaned tanks, brewed, clarified, milled, cleaned, sweat, bled, and put everything I’ve got into making the best beer around. The ability to create, whether in the brewery or the studio, is an immense joy, and I’m always excited to share the next new thing I’ve done. Just as there’s no Year of the Fist without the four of us, there’s also no Drake’s beer without the amazing production team I work alongside every day. So pick up a pint, pick up Year of the Fist’s new album Revive Me, come out to a show, and have a beer with us. Most importantly support things that rock!

16 oz can rendering featuring skeleton with flowers


Year of the Fist will be released in 16oz. cans and on draft, July 5, at Drake’s Barrel House. Drake’s Dealership will only have draft available. Drake’s BARN will receive cans and draft starting July 10. This beer is limited and will be available while supplies last.


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