You Fancy, Huh? Campari Inspired Ale

Barrel Program Manager, Travis Camacho, lets his latest obsession inspire a new Campari inspired ale, or at least something resembling a beer.

“I have a problem…well it’s an addiction really, and I fully admit it. It all started with my kegerator at home, it has two taps, one for beer and one for sparkling water. I drink sparkling water basically nonstop, and it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even drink regular water anymore.

It’s a slippery slope of hydration from there and one of the beverages I’ve been playing with is Campari/ Aperol and Soda. It’s refreshing, flavorful, and has an aggressive bitterness that grows on you. Eventually, I wanted to create a beer in the same spirit. Something super dry and refreshing for spring, with a nice high carb, interesting gin like herbal aromatics, and aggressive bitterness.

You Fancy Huh? is best described as not a beer. It doesn’t taste like beer at all. Even though it is mostly malt based, I think if people go into drinking it with “beer” in their minds, they’ll be in for a rude surprise. It’s made with 9 different roots, spices and herbs that are the base of most bitter liqueurs with our own spin on it.

The base for the beer is a pretty basic interpretation of a brut, where with the use of enzymes we get the beer super dry so we can build it back up with a real spritzy high carb. Herbal and citrus aromas dominate the nose, it truly smells like Campari. The high carb tickles the nose as the bitterness, acidity, and spices mingle on the palate. The bitterness balances the big flavors and gives the beverage a snap at the end and a lingering finish.

As I said before, I am a glutton for punishment, and I like weird, exotic flavors and bitter things. This beer probably isn’t for everyone, but that’s the reason we have so many taps. Everyone can find something unique and I’m certain someone is bound to appreciate my version of weird.”

– Travis Camacho,  Barrel Program Manager

You Fancy, Huh? is now available on draft at Drake’s retail locations while supplies last.