Do It Yourself

Drake’s DIY: Beer Can Succulent Planters

If there’s anything we’ve learned…

… during this, the era of Pinterest, succulents pair well with everything. EVERYTHING. We’d be remiss to not get in on this cactus revival so we’ve put together a crafty craft beer DIY for all you plant lovers out there. Special thanks to HR Coordinator Debbie for teaching us how to make these sharp pieces, perfect for those in need of a little extra household (or office) greenery.


  • Kick Back IPA
  • Can Opener
  • Cacti of your choosing
  • Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Soil. We used this one.
  • Something sharp
  • Optional: decorative rocks for the top of your soil.

Step One

Enjoy the satisfying crack of opeing a can of Kick Back! Drink said IPA and make sure you save the can.

Step Two

Grab your handy dandy household can opener and use it around the rim of your newly empty brew. This should completely remove the top, just be careful of sharp edges!

Step Three

Succulents and cacti don’t need much water. In this respect, they’re fantastic because you can exert minimal effort and the plant will thrive. However, they need proper drainage to regulate their soil moisture levels. Take your “something sharp” and put a hole about the size of a pencil eraser in the bottom of your beer can. We made a pilot hole with a thumbtack then went to town on it with a sensible wine bottle opener.

Step Four

Fill the holey, beheaded can about halfway with potting soil. You want it to be filled enough so that when you place your new plant baby inside, it is level with or just below the aluminum rim.

Step Five

Give your lil Groot a sprinkle of water so that the soil begins to condense. Top off with more dirt as needed.

Step Six

Cover the top of your soil with colorful rocks for optimal prettiness, if you choose. If not, voila! You’ve got a sharp new craft beer-inspired oxygen creator to fill the small void in your heart from not having children… Or something like that.

This is a great DIY for…

…beginners or advanced crafters. If you’re of the “gotta catch ’em all” mentality, we recommend trying this will all our one-off can releases and theming your plants to each brew! As always, tag us in all your craft beer crafting with #drakesDIY and @drakesbeer ????


Chelsea Holifield, Crazy Plant Lady