Do It Yourself

How to Make a Drake’s Michelada

Time to enjoy a Michelada! This classic Mexican drink made with beer is perfect for summer on the beach. It’s crisp, spicy, and delicious. Some people dare say it’s an excellent hangover cure.  We asked Miguel Ceja, Drake’s head brewer and a chingon when it comes to beer crafting, to teach us how to make a Drake’s Michelada with Flyway Pilsner. Grab the following ingredients and watch the step by step video below.


  • Flyway Pilsner
  • Michelada Mix (the spicier the better!)
  • Lime
  • Tajín

Shout out to all the Latinx people working in the beer industry! We are incredibly thankful for the diversity of our team, and the broader community, who share and learn from each other’s cultures and backgrounds. Salud!