The End is Beer: A Hopocalypse Day Guide 🔥

In a future, where cities become deserts, roads become battlefields, and the hope of mankind becomes a stranger, just one beer can make a difference.


A day born out of destruction and despair – On Saturday, February 4th, 2023, witness the return of HOPOCALYPSE Day at the brewery in San Leandro. Rain or shine!

Tickets available here 

We now stand in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but it all started in 2009 when we brewed our first batch of Hopocalypse Double IPA for the Bistro Double IPA Festival in downtown Hayward.

The original Hopocalypse was a hit, so we wanted to make more of it and put it in a bottle – now a can. Not long after that, we wanted to go BIGGER, so we created a Triple IPA, the Hopocalypse Black Label.

We made just one batch with about ten barrels, and that was it. 

The word got out, and people wanted to get their hands on both our Hopocalypse Triple IPA, along with the original Hopocalypse Double IPA. Before you know it, we had a line out the door on release day. That line turned into our first Hopocalypse Day in 2012, and it just keeps getting bigger every year.

This year’s theme – A Mad Max post-apocalyptic theme is a beacon of stability in an otherwise chaotic world, providing an opportunity for those who are lucky enough to savor this much-needed respite from their struggles.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your HOPOCALYPSE Day experience, here’s a guide on what to expect! 🗺️

Hopocalypse DayPost-Apocalyptic-Themed Costumes Encouraged at Hopocalypse Day

On HOPOCALYPSE Day, come ready for action! Mad Max post-apocalyptic costumes are encouraged, and the best of the best will be recognized in the first-ever Hopocalypse costume contest.  While you are there: Embrace your inner warrior by visiting our Warrior Salon for face paint & braids.

In addition to costumes and beer — There are also plenty of other apocalypse-inspired activities.

Test your strength in the THUMBderdome, get creative with face paint and braids at our Warrior Salon, or grab a turkey leg & Dinky Drake’s stew while live music fills the air. For those looking for something a bit more action-packed, try your hand at axe throwing or watch mesmerizing fire dancers perform! 

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Maximize Your Experience: Hopocalypse Ticket Packages & Presale Beers 

At HOPOCALYPSE Day, there are several ticket packages available to make sure you get the most out of your experience. 

For those looking for a more exclusive experience, there’s the Road Warriors VIP package which includes priority entry one hour early (2PM), unlimited tasting for the first hour (2-3PM), six 8oz beer tickets, one event mug, access to VIP-only restrooms, plus two exclusive Hopocalypse 4-packs to take home (one 4-pack of each of the Black and Chrome Labels).

Tickets are limited for VIP Road Warriors and are only available online through Friday, February 3rd.

General Admission (Rev-Heads) and Designated Driver (Blood Bags) packages are also available online or at the door. 

The fun starts at 3PM for Rev-Heads with six 8oz beer tickets and one event mug. Blood Bags (Designated Drivers) may enter with either their VIP or GA parties and will receive access to the event as part of their ticket purchase. Water will be available, along with NA beverages for purchase. All ticket holders must be 21+ to enter Hopocalypse Day. 

Hopocalypse Day - East Bay Beer Fest


Did we mention our badass merch? Zip-up hoodies and t-shirts will be available for sale at Hopocalypse Day, available first come first served. 


Hopocalypse Day

Can’t make it out to HOPOCALYPSE DAY this year?!?!

Now is your chance to get your “mad” hands on as much HOPOCALYPSE guzzolene as you can carry with beer presales. 

HOPOCALYPSE Triple IPA (black), HOPOCALYPSE Double IPA (green), HOPOCALYPSE Hazy Double IPA (white) and the newly formulated HOPOCALYPSE Crisp Double IPA (chrome) have all been refined for your needs.

Are you up for the task?

HOPOCALYPSE Triple IPA (Black Label) and HOPOCALYPSE Crisp Double IPA (Chrome Label) presales are AVAILABLE NOW. These beers can be pre-purchased for pick up at Hopocalypse Day or after the event. 4-packs may also be purchased at the event, subject to availability after pre-sales. Pre-purchasing your rations is the best way to ensure that you get your hands on this limited supply of guzzolene.  

Click “Get Tickets” and scroll to the bottom for presales.

Beer presales are eligible for both event ticket and non-event ticket holders with each order limited to a MAX of six 4-packs per style. 

Beers pre-purchased by event-goers can be picked up at HOPOCALYPSE Day. Those pre-purchased by non-event goers can be picked up after the event at Drake’s Barrel House during regular business hours from February 5th – 19th.