COVID-19 Retail & Brewery Updates


  • Drake’s BARN, Dealership, and Barrel House are now welcoming back guests for outdoor dining and beer drinking, with new visitation policies that will help up us maintain a safe environment for everyone. We look forward to seeing you again!
  • We’re still offering curbside pickup of food and beer at all our retail locations.
  • Our brewery is fully operational and continues shipping beer to distributors.
  • Hopocalypse Hazy Double IPA is now available year-round in cans. More new beers are coming!

Note: This post was last updated on July 16, 2020, in response to fast moving changes that are being made during the COVID-19 pandemic.




We are very happy to announce that Drake’s BARN, Dealership and Barrel House are now open for outdoor dining and beer drinking, in addition to takeout and delivery. It’s been a long road back and we’re looking forward to serving many new and familiar faces!



Before you stop by and see us, please review the new visitation policies at the location you intend to visit (Policies: Dealership | BARN | Barrel House). They were put in place to protect all our guests, staff, and follow county and state guidelines. Don’t worry, you’ll still have a wonderful time, and thank you for your patience and understanding.



We’ve made some physical changes at each location we think you’ll appreciate, which includes the expansion of outdoor dining. Unless you’re coming inside to pick up food and beer to-go (six-packs, cases, etc.), there’s no sitting or standing at the indoor bars. Regardless, we think you’ll enjoy the new experiences.

At Drake’s Dealership in Oakland, we’ve expanded our service area into the adjacent parking lot, with beautiful benches and tables. Inside the beer garden, tasteful dividers have been added between many of the seating areas and fire pits.  Relaxing with friends or family will be more private and cozy.

New outdoor seating and partitions at Drake's Dealership

Over at Drake’s Barrel House in San Leandro, we’re in the process of expanding our seating beyond the patio and into the parking lot. Plans are taking shape for the installation of a new beer garden. We’ve always wanted to create a campus between our production buildings, and now’s the time. Our Barrel House team is working hard to roll out the changes. Expect the space to beautifully evolve in the coming weeks. 

Lastly, the BARN in West Sacramento is already blessed with the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t refine it for safety and pleasure. We took advantage of the downtime by reseeding the grass on the big lawn, then drew 12 foot chalk circles for you and your friends to safely occupy. There’s plenty of room to stretch and relax on the fluffy cool lawn.



Upon arrival, you’ll notice that we’ve made a few changes to how you order food and beverages at all our locations. We’re using a contactless ordering service. Here’s how it works. At each table or seating area you’ll find a QR code. Pull out your smart phone, open the camera app, and point it at the QR code.

A website URL should appear, that once clicked, will take you to our food and beverage menu. Browse the options, add items to your order, and pay for it all in one place. When your order is ready, our staff will either deliver it to your seat, or you’ll be notified where to pick it up.

Mobile Ordering example displaying instructions and QR code



On top of the new dividers and other physical steps we’re taking to keep you safe and socially distant, our team has instituted a rigorous cleaning regimen. All tables, seats, and common touch points will be regularly cleaned. The health of our guests and staff is of utmost importance. We want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy during your time with us.

All of these service modifications and physical changes to our retail spaces will stay in place for the foreseeable future, but may be changed or extended if new guidelines are communicated by state and local officials. We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and will publish updates on social media, our website, and via email whenever possible. 




Drake's 60 barrel brewhouse

The brewing team is still working hard with a limited number of staff. They’re processing beer in the cellar and packaging it for distribution. Our distributor partners are still delivering to grocery stores, small independent markets, and restaurants that have recently reopened. Denogginizer, Best Coast IPA, 1500 Pale Ale, and Flyway Pilsner are your best bets at those locations, but of course aren’t guaranteed. You can also find Hopocalypse Hazy Double IPA in cans. It’s now available year-round thanks to our brewing and packaging teams.  Lastly, don’t forget to use the beer finder on our website.




Drake's ownership surrounded by staff behind the Barrel House Bar

During this trying time, the most difficult and painful issue is matching our staffing needs to operations, and the resulting business we can generate under current conditions. Our team members are essential. They’re friends, family, and wonderful colleagues. Not having everyone by our side to make beer and serve you is incredibly disappointing.   

Our team is intact, but many have been furloughed during the shelter in place period. We are sharing food form our kitchen with staff and their families, and affected employees have been offered guidance on how to apply for unemployment insurance benefits to help get them through this. We are hopeful that more federal relief programs become available in the coming weeks and that the day we can welcome them back to work comes soon.