Drake’s Brewing Introduces PILS Pouches™

(San Leandro, CA) Drake’s Brewing Company have become well-known in recent years as innovators in the Bay Area craft beer scene. Reaching national acclaim in 2018 as one of the first production facilities to produce a bottled Brut IPA, Drake’s Brewing have now turned their attention to modernizing packaging, in an unconventional way.

While their competitors are dropping thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, on state-of-the-art canning lines and crowler machines, Drake’s Brewing is pleased to announce their all new PILS Pouches™. Just in time for summer, these patent-pending beer delivery devices are made from locally-sourced, all-natural materials, and are 100% biodegradable.

Where did the idea come from? Brewmaster John Gillooly was inspired after a recent trip to Playa de Los Cerritos, Mexico. “While snorkeling, my wife and I were really sad to see trash at the bottom of the ocean. If there’s turtle-safe sunscreen and heck, even turtle-safe six pack rings, why can’t the whole thing be turtle food?”

Gillooly continues: “We looked at the surge in aluminum cans as a sign that the industry as a whole is open to change. Fads come and go, and we always want to be at the forefront of the next evolution. PILS Pouches™ are our contribution.”

“It’s a much more sustainable material than anything we’ve seen before,” says Operations Manager Anthony Raggio. “I think this vessel is perfectly balanced. It isn’t as constricting as other packaging formats and it keeps the beer just as fresh, if not fresher, than both aluminum and glass.”

The brewery’s first release into these ingenious PILS Pouches™ is Drake’s refreshingly crushable Flyway Pils. In addition to the classic German-style flavor, Drake’s will also be debuting fruited versions, with an emphasis on seasonal availability. Lime and dragon fruit varieties will be included in the first launch, with additional flavors coming this summer.

About Drake’s Brewing Co.

Drake’s Brewing Co. is an independent craft brewery located in San Leandro, Calif., that’s been dedicated to bringing people together over great beer since 1989. Quietly situated in its gritty warehouse environs, Drake’s has become known over the years for consistently producing a wide variety of hop-forward craft beers. From its groundbreaking 1500 Pale Ale to pioneering new styles of beer like the Brut IPA, to producing a growing collection of artisan barrel-aged and sour beers, the brewery’s commitment to quality and integrity shines through in every beer. As one of the original craft breweries in the Bay Area, Drake’s is dedicated to supporting its community first and working tirelessly to bring its brand of quality beer to more people.  

Hey folks, guess what day it is? April Fools!