Introducing: DeNONinizer

denonDrake’s Brewing is proud to announce a groundbreaking expansion to our core product lineup – DeNONinizer Non-Alcoholic Imperial IPA. Utilizing Dealcoholization, nutraceuticals, and innovative processing techniques, we are proud to present our first non-alcoholic fortified beverage! DeNONinizer is packed with health benefits for boosted hydration, improved endurance, and increased performance. Our processing techniques maximize the retention of its bioactive components, including B vitamins, electrolytes, and probiotics. Derived from its original recipe, Denogginizer, DeNON contains all of the great flavor you love, without the burden of a high ABV. Enjoy pint after pint of full-flavored, guiltless joy, all without losing your head.


We’ve heard your cries! Consumer demand is fueling the growth of enhanced and fortified beverages, so we felt it was finally time to make beer better for everyone. Years of rigorous research and product testing were conducted by our R&D department, consuming thousands of beers to thoroughly capture and optimize the original flavors. We can honestly say that you’ll taste no difference between Denogginizer and DeNONinizer, and may not even notice the absence of alcohol depending on your tolerance level. Take it to work, sneak it into church, or even share it with the kids! The future of better beer for everyone is here!

DeNONinizer will be released in 6 packs and single 19.2 ounce cans starting April 1st and will be available at all Drake’s locations plus retailers near you. Expect to see this year-round product released to market through the month of April, and ask your local beverage shop to provide it.


View DeNONinizer Sell Sheet: Download PDF