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Drake’s Brewing Declares November 3 Denog Day

Election season is in full swing and the 2020 ticket is loaded with divisive issues. In a few short weeks, voters will have the opportunity to make their voices heard at the polls and via mail-in ballots. In anticipation of the presidential office potentially being won by the tiniest of margins, completing your civic duty has never felt more important… Or more stressful.

Drake’s Brewing Company, premier innovators of Bay Area craft beer, has nominated November 3rd as Denog Day. An ode to the massively hopped Denogginizer Double IPA, this designation celebrates the one thing every party can agree on: regardless of the results, you’re gonna need a beer.

Drake’s Denogginizer is a 9.75% ABV award-winning craft beer legend. It’s a sticky, West Coast IPA bursting with dank, resinous flavors. This hop monster is the perfect Election Night companion as you hold onto your head waiting for the results. Whether your candidate concedes or the other party’s victory is vetoed, freedom is best served with a cold beer.

This designation celebrates the one thing every party can agree on: regardless of the results, you’re gonna need a beer. Please vote, and then cope responsibly!

For the month of October, Drake’s Brewing is hopping the vote by distributing “I Drank” stickers at three retail locations: Drake’s Barrel House in San Leandro, Drake’s Dealership in Oakland, and Drake’s: The Barn in West Sacramento. Your endorsement of a pint, 6-pk, 22oz bomber or case of Denogginizer Double IPA is a stand for the red, white and brew.

Rally in-person or complete a free online registration (below) for Denog Day to receive a digital “I Drank” sticker, phone wallpapers, and virtual backgrounds. Share your approval by tagging photos with #DenogDay for a chance to be featured on @drakesbeer social accounts.

Leading up to Election Day, the independent brewery is encouraging people to vote with their gut. “It’s not about telling folks who to vote for or to influence how they vote, it’s about getting people as engaged and informed as possible,” says Brewmaster John Gillooly. “If not now, when?”

The brewery is urging adults to confirm they have valid ID and are registered to vote prior to state deadlines. Nonpartisan resources such as provide easy ways to check your registration, request an absentee ballot, locate your nearest polling place and more.

“I approve this message,” said Drake’s co-owner John Martin.

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