In an effort to be COVID-19 safe and environmentally friendly, we’re now doing growler refills through an exchange program. You drop off your existing growler and we give you a professionally cleaned and sanitized growler in-return.

The way it works:

  1. Bring your clean used Drake’s growler back to the BARN.
  2. While respecting 6’ social distancing, hold the growler up so the person manning the to-go orders and growler fills can see that there’s no old beer or debris in the growler.
  3. Carefully put your growler in the diluted Quaternary sanitizer filled dunk barrel.
    • The growlers in the dunk tank will go to a washing area where they’ll be re-cleaned with detergent and once again sanitized with Quaternary before reuse.
  4. We will then fill an already cleaned and sanitized Drake’s growler for you at our regular growler fill prices.

If you don’t have a Drake’s growler in your collection, we’re doing a beer + growler deal. You get the growler for just $8 with your first fill.