Session Beers – the Alpha & Omega of summer

IMG_20130502_025719_1This week was Opening Day, and warmer days are on the horizon (for most… sorry, San Francisco). Hiking boots, mountain bikes, and kayaks are getting dusted off. All-day barbecues are being planned. Daytime baseball is in full swing. And of course beers are needed to enhance all these activities. For us, that means the brewery is ramping up production to take care of your increased spring and summer thirst. Therefore, we are all stoked to bring back what we think is the perfect, active summer beer as well as our very favorite shift beer, Alpha Session IPA.

It seems this concept is catching on. Back in 2010, when our brewers made Alpha Session for the first time, many locals thought a 3.8% ABV west-coast hoppy beer was a bit of a strange idea. Still, after getting a taste of the fresh, citrusy hops’ the balanced but assertive bitterness, and the smooth clean mouthfeel, it was clear that the Session IPA had legs as a style to go far (and since we’ve noticed a few other breweries following suit).

Now that you are all thoroughly ready to ditch the office chair and head outside for some good times and an Alpha Session… We fear you do still have a little time to wait.


Drake’s Alpha Session IPA will be releasing officially at 12pm on April 26 at Drake’s Barrel House, and it will once again be joined by its partner-in-crime, Omega Session- what we call an “American Dark Mild.” (See English Dark Mild style, and imagine that dry, with a clean yeast character, and more hops) Omega Session, like Alpha, is a 3.8% ABV hop-forward session ale that utilizes darker malts to envelop its resinous hop flavors and aroma with a smooth mouthfeel and a hint of toast and cocoa.

Quick Beer Release Facts:
1. Alpha Session will be available: On Draft, On Cask, In Growlers (2 per person), and in 4-packs of 12 oz bottles (case limit)
2. Omega Session will be available: On Draft, On Cask, and In Growlers (2 per person).

That’s not all you’ll get for swinging by that day. We will be breaking out the washoe boards for a tournament of champions from 1-4pm on the loading dock just like the old days. (Doug demonstrates perfect form here).


So ride your bike. Take a stroll through Oyster Bay. Jog from the Alameda Ferry landing. Have your buddy give you a lift. Or just hop on BART. However you do it, get yourself here on April 26th for the glorious experience of fresh Alpha Session back again.

Also! Stay tuned here for more from us on Session Beers during the month of May for Session Beer May. We will have some other session beers up our sleeves and events celebrating the release. And of course, mark your calendar for the second annual Norcal Session Fest, happening May 17th at Jack London Square.

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