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Any brewery that has been around for as long as Drake’s has a pile of boxes full of Brew Logs that contain a recipe for just about any beer style you’d want to make. Drake’s has certainly found time to experiment and evolve, from our more English Style ales of founder Roger Lind to the more West Coast Style beers of present and lots in between. One constant, however, is that Drake’s brewers know how to hop their beer to create the much coveted hop aromas and flavors without tipping the scale with unbalanced bitterness. Mix that with sourcing high quality malts, a clean dry west coast style house yeast strain, and careful attention to our water, and you have the recipe for outstanding beer. Drake’s brews are sometimes a shock to the industrial-beer-drinker, but are undeniably delicious and drinkable to those that revel in big-flavored beers. Available on Draft, in 12oz 6 packs, and 22oz Bombers.

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