Cask Program

We love Cask beer here at Drake’s and we think you will too when you taste some of the creations coming from Cellarman and Specialty Brewer Hal (9000) McConnellogue.

For the uninitiated Cask ale is beer served directly from a cask vessel via a gravity tap, or pulled through a hand pump similar to those that are familiar with the Drake’s Barrel House bar top. A cask is a vessel that contains beer that is naturally carbonated through the use of active yeast inside the cask. The yeast will contribute to a secondary fermentation within the cask both finishing the beer and producing a light, natural carbonation. Once ready, the beer is served directly from the cask at a cool (not warm, not cold) cellar temperature of around 55 degrees F. The light carbonation and slightly warmer serving temperature opens up the flavors and aromas of the hops and malt helping to make a highly flavorful experience.


Cask Beer Specialist Hal taps a cask of Drakonic Imperial Stout with blueberries.

To put a new twist on a classical style of beer, we blend our casks with a variety of flavors that give us the chance to experiment with any number of combinations. Blueberries with Drakonic Imperial Stout? Bourbon Vanilla Oaked Winning Lager? Locally roasted coffee with our IPA? Mango with our 1500 Pale Ale? Triple dry-hopped Denogginizer? We’ve done it all and many more. When done properly these blends are absolute delights to the palate.Be wary of poor imitations of cask ale, when done improperly some casks out there do emit warm, flat, cloudy, yeasty concoctions with weird additives. We here at Drake’s stand for nothing less than excellence in brewing, so each cask is personally monitored by the brewer and cellared at proper temperature. We use a delicate hand in our additions, and we give each cask the necessary time to complete secondary fermentation & conditioning (generally a few weeks).

Interested in trying some of these unique beers from our award winning cask program? Both the Drake’s Barrel House in San Leandro and the Drake’s Dealership in Oakland have their specially installed hand pumps for cask service, and we celebrate every Friday with a gravity poured cask at the San Leandro Tap Room. Stop by the brewery’s Barrel House and get your weekend started by joining us in hammering a tap into a “live one” and raising a glass of the freshest beer in the East Bay.

Interested in having one of our casks at your location? Contact for questions and availability.