Happy National One-Hit Wonder Day!

There really is a day for everything.

Drake’s DIY: Beer Can Succulent Planters

If there’s anything we’ve learned during this, the era of Pinterest, succulents pair well with everything. EVERYTHING. We’d be remiss to not get in on this cactus revival so we’ve put together a crafty craft beer DIY for all you plant lovers out there.

Unfiltered: Yes, We Can!

We’ve been making cool one-off beers at Drake’s for years, and the only way to get them home was in a growler, which was quite inconvenient by bike. We’ve really wanted to do a better job of making these beers available, so we finally bit the bullet and bought a little table-top canning line.

Advanced Oak: Behind the Design

At the beginning of 2018, we decided to change the name, look, and feel of Drake’s barrel-aging program. Barrel Program Manager, Travis Camacho, and his team, have been consistently turning out beautifully delicious beers, but a new identity was needed.

Brightside Extra Brut IPA Now in Six-Packs

The Drake’s brewing team has been hard at work since February playing a pioneering role in the development of the new Brut IPA style. The pale, dry, highly-carbonated, champagne-esque beer, has quickly become an innovative platform for hop appreciation.