Kick Back for Our Parks

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Session beers have been in our DNA for quite a few years now. Once people started referring to us as “The Denog Brewery,” we realized we needed to step up our game on delicious beers that won’t knock you on your ass. You know, mostly for contrast, but also because well, when you work in a brewery, you can’t really drink Denogginizer all day. I mean, you can, but it’s not exactly ideal for a long work day.

You guys remember Alpha Session, right? A few years ago, we launched it as a limited release bomber, then the following year as a 4-pack. We loved the beer, but it never really got the chance to shine the way it deserved to. Last year, in the midst of our capacity crunch, the beer was thrust into an uncertain future and we only produced a small draft run.

With our new brewhouse coming online just in time for summer, the first thing we knew we wanted to add to our lineup was a new 6-pack for summer. The idea was simple enough: create a beer that we’d be stoked to drink all summer long. We kicked around a lot of ideas, and ended up right back where we started: a sub-5% IPA. It’s a style that’s punchier than a lager, crisper than a pale ale, and a helluva lot hoppier than a blonde. We’d take what we started with Alpha Session and shoot for the moon with some of our favorite varieties of hops. The inspiration was the lush, tropical fruit aromatics of the Mosaic hop, which we complemented with Simcoe and El Dorado hops to brings out notes of tangerine, peach and guava.

Launching a new 6-pack brand presented an opportunity to make a bigger impact than just putting out a cool new beer. We wanted this to be the flagship of our Kick Back Program, which we created to raise money for local non-profits. Choosing from the long list of awesome organizations was daunting, but when we put the choice out to our crew, we had overwhelming support for giving back to our local parks. Through a partnership with the East Bay Regional Parks Foundation, Kick Back IPA will directly support trail cleanup and maintenance programs to keep our community spaces thriving.

Kick Back IPA officially launches on Friday, June 3, with our big First Friday fundraising kick-off for East Bay Regional Parks. We’ll keep the love flowing all summer with the Lake Chabot 50th Anniversary (June 4), Concerts at the Cove (6/10, 7/8, and 8/12) in addition to many more events around Northern California. KickBack 6 Pack

This summer, Kick Back and help us keep the path clear.

-Brandon Borgel


  1. Where does kick back retail in the East Bay?