Sour Beers for Summer Sipping

Three new juicy sour beers from the Advanced Oak Program are now available. Each one is a unique small batch. Here’s the details from Travis Camacho, barrel program manager, from left to right:

TART BREAKER – A sour blonde ale with OlallieBerries and Coral Cherries aged with its own cultures in a 600L Demi Muid puncheon. It’s one of our all time favorite super small batch sour beers.

IT’S A FRUIT BASED LOVE – A watermelon sour blonde, made with whole watermelons from one of our favorite friends and farms, Perry’s in Manteca, CA. The beer ends up picking a lot of flavor from the rind and comes out tasting of watermelon candy and cucumber water. It’s quite refreshing on a hot summer day.

LUSU’S LOVE CHILD – A pink wine-beer hybrid, this beer is made with Zinfandel grapes from Lusu’s Winery, blended with our blonde sour to produce a vinous beer that’s light, refreshing and oh-so pink. Take a bottle to drink in your backyard hammock, and live your best life.

Bottles of each release should be available starting today at Drake’s Barrel House, Dealership and The BARN. Draft will be more limited at each location and will appear based on current inventory. Enjoy!