Drake’s Brewing Releases Hopocalypse Infinity Series

Drake’s Brewing is proud to announce a groundbreaking expansion of our Hopocalypse series. In collaboration with the R&D team at a private Space company, we adapted our Hopocalypse line of IPAs for space travel. Now we’re making them available to you, right here on earth, as the Hopocalypse Infinity Series.

Years of rigorous research and testing was conducted. Thousands of beers were consumed to thoroughly optimize the flavors. We can honestly say that you’ll taste no difference between an Infinite Hopocalypse and its earthbound cousin. Take it on a hike, pack it in your emergency kit, or sneak it on an airplane. The possibilities are endless. Taste the future!

Each variation of the Infinity Series is being released in a 24-pack of dehydrated pills, waiting to be reconstituted at your convenience. Drake’s will start accepting orders on Monday, April 12, to coincide with the anniversary of the first man in space. Each package of the Hopocalypse Infinity Series is priced at $100 each. Pre order now!