Live Music

Drakes Barrel House


First Fridays’ w/ TUMBLE DOWN HOUSE * 4:30-8:oo
Tumbledown House met in Portland, Oregon in 2006. Then they moved around a lot. They write stories that may revolve around shady characters down on their luck, brothels with an eccentric clientele, or a scorned woman out for revenge. These stories are delivered with sultry female vocals and jazz accompaniment reminiscent of a bygone era.

FLOWTILLA * 2.oo-5.oo
Flowtilla play a sophisticated blend of psychedelic world groove jazz-funk: “The group takes a theme or a rhythm and they run with it. The guitar soars along over drummer Jan Jackson and bassist Ellen Schoenwetter's driving grooves. Len, Ellen, and Jan all definitely have some serious playing ability.”

HIGH STANDARDS * 2.oo-5.oo
In addition to playing original material, High Standards draw from a constellation of different songs and genres, seamlessly blending the new with the old, the classics with the club bangers. This wild, unorthodox, and ostensibly reckless combination of genres is what makes High Standards so fresh, devastating, like a flamingo savagely consumed by lava from an exploding volcano!


THE HELL TONES * 2.oo-5.oo
Darwin Doud heads up this new band playing styles ranging from surf rock, 80’s punk and sultry jazz standards! Conceived as a side project by Darwin Doud and Paul Bowman, Hell Tones now enjoys the amplified upright bass of Tim E and the punk guitar of Jonah I. Ben-Amotz.

STEVE LUCKY DUO * 2.oo-5.oo
Vintage R&B and 50’s rock from pianist Steve Lucky of the infamous Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums band, highlighting jump-blues and swing at clubs and festivals around the world for years.


SUNDAZE * 2.oo-5.oo
Original funk and soul grooves from this new East Bay group headed by Brian Hill of Four Now.

PLANET LOOP * 2.oo-5.oo
Planet Loop is a unique trip not to be missed, as this local trio forges their unique brand of “electro-funk groove,” combining wild improvisation with the deep rhythms of world-beat, Latin, funk, and trance music.


MATT BERKELEY TRIO * 2.oo - 5.oo
A fixture on the Bay Area music scene for years, Matt Berkeley has formed a new trio with Peter Canton (bass) and Michael Reed (drums). East Bay Sound System is the name of their studio: and a descriptor of their sound: local, gritty, and electric with respectful nod to elements of dub music. They’ve been known to “dub out” on anything from Elvis to OutKast.

Led by violinist John Ettinger, expect an eclectic musical journey from 1930s swing favorites, New Orleans-ified gypsy jazz, and 50s bebop with a few surprising detours through instantly recognizable 60s pop classics, and Marc Ribot tunes.

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