“The best breweries make great beer and great community. What’s better than good beer and good people?” —Collin McDonnell, Former Drake’s Brewer

Drake’s community strives to establish the company as a leading producer of high-quality, innovative, and unique craft beer, without compromising our principles. We apply the highest standards of excellence to the products we produce, purchase, and sell, and are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. By doing so, we create, develop, and maintain a strong and loyal customer base, that we support through charitable endeavors and community engagement. We’re committed to hiring, training, and supporting our staff so they can succeed, be their best, and work in a safe environment. Lastly, we place a priority on having fun and enjoying what we do!

Brew Team

A Portrait of John Gillooly
John Gillooly
A Portrait of Devonne
DeVonne Buckingham
Director of Brewing Operations
A Portrait of Anthony
Anthony Raggio
Director of Packaging
A Portrait of Travis
Travis Camacho
Barrel Program Manager
A Portrait of Chris
Chris Dunstan
Director of Brewery Engineering
A Portrait of Chris
Chris Jacobs
Head Brewer
A Portrait of Hal
Hal McConnellogue
Cellar Manager
A Portrait of Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess
Lab Manager
A Portrait of Zach Bassett
Zack Bassett
Specialty Beers and Barrel Aging
A Portrait of Ashley Hockersmith
Ashley Hockersmith
Production Assistant
A Portrait of Miguel Ceja
Miguel Ceja
Asher Sun
Asher Sun
Nate Cole
Nate Cole
A Portrait of Justin Carter
Justin Carter
Cellar Lead
A Portrait of Carson O'Connor
Carson O’Connor
A Portrait of Dwight
Dwight Peterson
Kyle Murdock
Kyle Murdock
Robert Craig
Robert Craig
A Portrait of John Wonder
John Wonder
Maintenance Manager
Juliana Moore
Juliana Moore
Maintenance Technician
A Portrait of Cassi
Cassandra Siegfried
Lab Assistant
A Portrait of Zac Stout
Zachary Stout
QA Packaging Technician
A Portrait of Vanderpool laying on a malt bag
Chris “Vandy” Vanderpool
Raw Materials Handler
A Portrait of Arnold
Arnold Valerio, Jr
Raw Materials Production Assistant
Fredd Moody, Jr.
Fredd Moody, Jr.
Packaging Supervisor
A Portrait of Gilbert
Gilbert Ferreyra Mata
Packaging Associate
A Portrait of Jeremy McBrian
Jeremy McBrian
Packaging Associate
A Portrait of Justin
Justin Bierig
Packaging Associate
Marcus Flores
Marcus Flores
Packaging Associate
Rickey Griffin
Rickey Griffin
Packaging Associate
Nick Lehman
Nick Lehman
Packaging Associate
Breanna Nelson
Breanna Nelson
Packaging Associate


Phil Longenecker Riding His Bike
Phil Longenecker
Logistics Manager
A Portrait of Brendan
Brendan Gesley
Warehouse Operator
A Portrait of Jonah Mendoza
Jonah Mendoza
Warehouse Operator
A Portrait of Mike Lucero
Mike Lucero
Derek Nelson
Derek Nelson
Delivery Driver
Ryan Dickey
Ryan Dickey
Delivery Driver


A Portrait of John Gittins
John Gittins
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
A Portrait of Jim Crudo
Jim Crudo
Sales Director
Robert Yackley
Robert Yackley
Business Development Director
A Portrait of Scott
Scott Nelson
National Accounts Manager
A Portrait of Chris
Chris Elmes
Sales Operations Manager
A Portrait of Adam
Adam Kirkorian
Can Czar
A Portrait of Max
Max Pachuta
District Manager:
San Francisco
A Portrait of Joe Frankel with his dog
Joe Frankel
District Manager: East Bay
Michelle Engman
Michelle Engman
District Manager: Sacramento
A Portrait of Bryan Wheatley with his dog
Bryan Wheatley
Market Manager: North Bay
A Portrait of Julian Orozco
Julian Orozco
Market Manager: South East Bay
A Portrait of Brittany
Brittany Devencenzi
Market Manager: San Jose
A Portrait of Zach
Zach Avila
Market Manager: Central Valley
A Portrait of Alex Lai
Alex Lai
Sales Representative: San Francisco
A Portrait of Mike O'Brien
Mike O’Brian
Sales Representative: Norcal/Reno/Truckee

Marketing & Events

A Portrait of Brian Stechschulte
Brian Stechschulte
Marketing Director
A Portrait of Amanda
Amanda Cowles
Brand Experience Director
A Portrait of Carrie
Carrie Beurskens
Project Manager
A Portrait of Chelsea
Chelsea Holifield
Digital Content Manager
A Portrait of Lauren eating ribs
Lauren Young
Events & Community Manager
A Portrait of Eric
Eric Ortega
Tour & Education Program Manager
A Portrait of Constance
Constance Del Rio
Tour Guide + Beer Ambassador/Operations Assistant
A Portrait of Danielle Click
Danielle Click
Merchandise Coordinator
A Portrait of Kira Gillooly
Kira Gillooly
Merchandise Coordinator


A Portrait of John Martin
John Martin
A Portrait of Roy Kirkorian
Roy Kirkorian
A Portrait of Dave Rowe
Dave Rowe
Director of Retail Operations
A Portrait of Jeanne
Jeanne Young
Director of Finance & Administration
A Portrait of Victoria
Victoria Garza
Senior Accountant
A Portrait of Debbie
Debbie Wu
HR Specialist
A Portrait of Ariel
Ariel Lew
AP Clerk
Alain Grissette
Alain Grissette
Music Director & DJ

Barrel House

A Portrait of Kurt Caudle
Kurt Caudle
Barrel House General Manager
A Portrait of Antonio
Antonio Sullivan-Sariñana
Tap Room Manager
A Portrait of Jeff
Jeff Siegfried
Barrel House Crew
A Portrait of Bryan
Bryan Madeira
Barrel House Crew
A Portrait of Alex
Alex Iniguez
Barrel House Crew
A Portrait of Doyle
Jason Doyle
Barrel House Crew
A Portrait of Logan Smith
Logan Smith
Barrel House Crew
A Portrait of Caitlan Busby
Caitlin Busby
Barrel House Crew
A Portrait of Tony Drinking a Beer
Tony Viera
Barrel House Crew
A Portrait of Veronica
Veronica Gonzalez
Line Cook
Max Hernandez
Max Hernandez
A Portrait of Dan Mastin
Daniel Mastin
Prep Cook
Teresa Medina
Teresa Medina
Line Cook
Biereck Melendez
Biereck Melendez