Tulip glass filled with You Fancy Huh beer

You Fancy Huh?

Brut-style Ale

  • 6.4% ABV

This beer is best described as NOT a beer. It's a super-dry brut style ale, made with nine different roots and spices used in most bitter liquors. Herbal and citrus gin-like aromatics dominate the nose. The high carbonation makes the aggressive bitterness dance on the tongue with a lingering dryness. It really smells like Campari, and should be refreshing on a hot day


Hallertau Mandarina

Two Row, Simpsons Caramalt, Simpsons Crystal Rye

California Ale 001

Other Ingredients
Orange Zest, Pomegranate Puree, Gentian Root, Hibiscus, Juniper, Orange Peel, Coriander, Cinnamon