Drake’s Collaboration Beers: LA Beer Week 2018

LA Beer Week is upon! We brewed three amazing collaboration beers for the event with some of our favorite breweries in SoCal.

Less is More Drinking Drake’s Session Beers

Good beer need not always be bold or aggressive, a good beer is defined by care and attention to the brewing process.

Homebrewing Unites Drake’s & Bay Area Mashers

If you ask a professional brewer how they learned their craft, you’ll often hear that it started with homebrewing. A curiosity can quickly turn into a passion, and homebrewing communities take shape, fostering shared knowledge, experimentation, and quality control.

Kick Back IPA: Now in Cans Year-Round

Summer at the beach. Grilling poolside with friends and family. Resting after a long hike. Now enjoy all these moments with Kick Back IPA, exclusively in 12 oz. cans, or on draft, year-round from Drake’s Brewing.

Extra Brut: A New Kind of IPA

Because we’re always looking for new ways to express our love for hops, we decided to brew Trocken: Extra Brut IPA.