Brewer’s Choice: Fainting Goat

Originally from the heart of the Rust Belt in Ohio, Emmy Smith came to Drake’s with absolutely no experience in brewing, only a thirst to learn the art of beer-making. Like most brewers, she came trained in another industry, having learned the art of cinematography and filmmaking. Emmy started out with Drake’s as a production assistant which means doing grunt work, scrubbing tanks, […]

Brewer’s Choice: Macho Man Razzy Savage

Barrel Master Travis Camacho is a man of superior palate. Standing at the head of our OAK Project, Travis is the gatekeeper to all things sour. We love experimenting with anything we can get our hands on, especially barrels and bugs, and Travis is at the helm of creating the most eclectic and extreme beers […]

Brewer’s Choice: Wolfhound

  The month of March brings us two joys: dark beer and debauchery. Malty, roasty brews are happily deposed in honor of Saint Patrick and the hunt for the perfect Irish treat is in full steam. Our resident brewer/botanist, Molly O’Brien, brings her unique brand of acerbic sweetness in this month’s Brewer’s Choice, Wolfhound. “I really began my love story with dark […]

Brewer’s Choice: Something Shiny

  Head Brewer and outdoorsman extraordinaire Chris Dunstan has been innovating the craft beer industry (and every piece of brewing equipment he can get his hands on) for an entire decade. Yes, 10 solid years of brewing beer and designing more efficient ways to do so. His story starts where so many do: homebrewing.   While studying […]