Hop Chef- Faction Brewing

Faction Brewing​ is another FANTASTIC brewery taking part in Hop Chef Brewers Competition. In December of 2013 co-founders Rodger Davis and Claudia Pamparana opened the doors to Faction and became the first brewery on Alameda Island. Since then, Faction brewing has been known for doing “things just a little differently.” Rodger drew Juniper Berries as […]

Drake’s 25th Anniversary – The Party Details

Hello friends and fans. We hope you are getting good and ready for our 25th Anniversary throwdown Friday, September 12 from 4-10pm, and to help you in that endeavor here is a handy guide of everything you could possibly need to know for the event. Bear with us through it all and you’ll get the […]

Cryptographic DIPA – Local Nate Smith’s GABF Pro-Am

As anyone from around here knows, there’s no dearth of good beer or good breweries in the Bay Area.  But where do they all come from? Well, if you’re sitting in a beer bar, chances are there’s a future brewmaster sitting a couple stools down from you. Most production brewhouses can trace their lineage back […]

Drake’s Field Trip to the Hop Farm

As our friends over at the SF Brewers Guild point out, it’s hop harvest season, and that means wet-hopped beers- beers hopped with fresh, unprocessed, “wet” hops.  “Wet hops?” we hear you ask, “where do you get those?”  Well, in this case, we got them from Hood Hops Ranch, in Hood, CA.  And by “get […]

Aroma Coma Release Details (AKA how you can get your sweet sweet Aroma fix this Sat. June 28th)

We know you’re excited. We are too. We also know that our releases seem to be getting bigger every year with all you excellent people telling all your friends they HAVE to try Aroma Coma when it comes out. First of all, thanks a lot! Secondly, more people means we have to be pretty clear […]

Alpha & Omega Session Arrive at Drake’s… and they took the bike lane…

When the doors open at Drake’s Barrel House on Saturday, April 26th at noon, ride your bike, jog from the Alameda Ferry, hop on BART, or get your cool uncle to drive you down for the release of Alpha Session IPA and Omega Session American Dark Mild.  Summer is fast approaching, and with it, the promise of […]

7×70 IPA – Our EXP IPAs Become Drake’s New Year-Round IPA

Drake’s IPA. Denogginizer. Hopocalypse. Aroma Coma. Aroma Prieta. It ain’t exactly a secret that we’re kind of known for our hoppy beers. Back in September, we started experimenting with some new IPAs– all a bit leaner, hoppier and more in line with a modern, pale, unapologetically hoppy West Coast Style IPA than our classic, balanced, original […]

Drake’s Brings Home GABF Silver for Black Robusto Porter

This past year it looks like our Black Robusto Porter decided to put on its big boy pants and bring home the bacon (which coincidentally is a really tasty pairing). After years of living life as a draft only release, Robusto wanted to see the world, to meet the craft beer drinking public at home […]

Drake’s Experimental IPAs are Coming

If you know us at all, you understand we have a deep, abiding fascination with all forms of hops and hop-forward beers, particularly those native to our little slice of life here on the West Coast. Furthermore, if you haven’t noticed, we really get into all things science. Yeast cell counts excite us beyond normal […]

The logical choice: Collaborate with Beachwood BBQ for LA Beer Week

Drake’s Brewing Company and Beachwood BBQ Brewmasters John Gillooly and Julian Shrago have much in common when it comes to brewing hoppy beers. They are logical about it. Make it clean. Make it dry. Create a prominent bitterness that’s sharp and calculated. Amplify hop aroma. And always showcase the hops first and foremost. They both […]