Hopocalypse 2014 Release Details

The Hopocalypse arrives on February 1, 2014. We brewed it, and we’ll pour it, but beyond that, it’s up to you to follow us to safety, taking shelter from the hop assault that our double IPA Hopocalypse, our triple IPA Hopocalypse Black Label, and our post-Black Label small beer Post-Hopocalypse will visit upon the East […]

Surviving the Hopocalypse

The dust has settled, the port-o-potties are gone, and the forklifts are milling about like any other day. The Hopocalypse occurred, and you survived it. Because you, sir or madam, are a winner.  You looked it square in the eye, and it blinked.  And then you took a swig of the biggest, baddest IPA the […]

Hopocalypse Release 2013

It’s in the tanks. It’s preparing for the onslaught of thirsty beer hoards. It will be ready. Will you? Drake’s Hopocalypse DIPA and Hopocalypse Black Label Triple IPA will be returning on Saturday, February 2nd at Drake’s Barrel House. Doors will open to the Barrel House at 10am. Hopocalypse DIPA (9.3% ABV, 100+ IBUs) will […]

Drake’s Goes to Yakima- Alex’s Hop Selection

*Post by Alexandra Nowell, Drake’s Lead Brewer* It’s one of my favorite times of the year to be a brewer.  The 2012 American harvest hops are beginning to arrive at Drake’s, and being the hop-forward brewery that we are, fresh hops and new varieties are exciting!  This year, I got to travel to Yakima Valley […]

Hopocalypse Black Label Takes Gold for Triple IPAs!

The Bistro’s Annual Double IPA Festival just so happens to be one of our favorite events of the year. The sheer array of strong, hoppy brews available is staggering (which by the way is what many folks are doing by the time they leave the fest). Beers ranging from the hugely bitter and strong to […]

An Epic Hopocalypse Day at Drake’s

An air of excitement hung in the air as the sun rose in San Leandro on Saturday. Cases and kegs of our Hopocalypse Double IPA and Hopocalypse Black Label Triple IPA sat in the cold box waiting for thirsty craft beer fans to arrive and get the first taste of the hoppy-goodness and grab a […]

The Hopocalypse Approaches…

We can’t tell you whether you need to worry about the Apocalypse in 2012, but we can say definitively that the Hopocalypse is imminent. Clear room in your fridge; designate your driver; and prepare your tastebuds. On Saturday, Feb. 4th, the End is Beer. Yes, the Hopocalypse hit the tanks today. Jeff stirred the mash […]

Hopocalypse Shake n’ Bake Hop Fried Chicken

Recipe compliments of Sean Z. Paxton- The Homebrew Chef Hopocalypse Marinade Ingredients: 4 Cornish game hens, washed and dried 2 cups buttermilk 22 ounces Drake’s Hopocalypse IIPA 1 bunch fresh thyme, washed, dried and chopped 1 bunch fresh Italian parsley, washed, dried & chopped 1 bunch fresh chives, washed, dried & chopped 6 cloves garlic, […]

Lots of Beer Brewin’

We may still be fighting with our livers a little bit, but with SF Beer Week behind us, the brewers are back in full swing at Drake’s. Just a little recap on the previous week in the brewery: We brewed, filtered, and packaged a lot of beer! There are new batches of IPA, Hopocalypse and […]

The Hopocalypse is here!

We knew it was coming, we just weren’t sure when. And now it’s here- This liquid revelation is a deep orange monster that is loosely filtered to keep the integrity of the malt and hops intact. Equal amounts of two-row malt and English Pale malt are combined with Vienna and Rye malts, then balanced with […]