SF Beer Week Collab-A-Palooza

By John Gillooly, Drake’s BrewmasterJanuary 31st, 2019For San Francisco Beer Week this year……we really went deep on the collabs and brewed some really special beers with a few of our favorite brewers. Some really good ideas got put on the table, and execution was excellent across the board. We were hosts to Cellarmaker and Urban Roots, […]

Beer Talk Radio: John Gillooly Interview

Go deep inside our operations with Drake’s Brewmaster, John Gillooly, to learn more about how we operate, the quirky side of brewing, and more.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time For Tree Beer

Hops and spruce tips and juniper berries, oh my! Get a seasonal ed-brew-cation from Drake’s brewmaster, John Gillooly.

How We Brew: War Pigeon Double IPA

Learn about what makes War Pigeon Double IPA unique and get a hop education from Drake’s brewmaster, John Gillooly.

It’s A Fruit Based Love: New Advanced Oak Releases

We just celebrated the release of a couple new sour beers from the Advanced Oak program, including the inaugural release of Cult of the Sun, Brette Davis Eyes with passionfruit, and everyone’s favorite watermelon sour, It’s A Fruit Based Love.