Unfiltered: It’s Our Anniversary!

Drake’s is about to celebrate our 28th Anniversary, which in “craft brewery” years is like 150. Each year, we make special beer to celebrate the day and this year, we have a couple that are particularly noteworthy: First up – The Void The Void was brewed to about 12% ABV in the brewhaus, and in the […]

Unfiltered: Aroma Day 2017

Last year, Aroma Coma “graduated” from being our summer seasonal IPA to being a year-round beer. We brewers always looked forward to the release of this beer as it was the one place we used Citra, a really impacted hop that we only had enough of to brew this beer as a seasonal. We finally […]

Drake’s DIY: Case Box Cowboy Hat

What screams ‘Murica louder than making a cowboy hat out of a case box? Pretty much nothing, that’s what. Drake’s longest serving employee, Dow Tunis, shows you how to impress your friends and annoy your enemies in our most recent #DrakesDIY blog. Slightly more involved than last month’s bottle cap cornhole, this cowboy hat is durable, […]

Unfiltered: Session Beer

On May 20, we are hosting our 5th Annual Session Beer Fest, a beer event that serves ONLY beer under 5% ABV. This is one of my favorite beer festivals ever. We shed all the “What’s your strongest beer?” hunters from the crowd, and it’s just a super chill time for people tasting and enjoying beers […]

Unfiltered: A Matter of Clarity

I figure anyone reading this blog probably knows we recently underwent an expansion, which involved re-learning to brew on newer/bigger/fancier equipment.  One of our most prized purchases was our centrifuge, which replaced our diatomaceous earth filter.  With our old filter, all of our beer came out crystal clear (or “bright”, which I spell as “brite” […]

Brewmaster Unfiltered: Hop Harvest

We make a number of different beers here at Drake’s, but our focus is hop-forward beers. That requires us to pay a lot of attention to the hops we buy. We are quite particular about the varieties we use, but more than that, we care about certain characteristics displayed by those varieties. It’s all well […]

Electric Owl Buzzzz

Fall beers are kinda tough to begin with. I mean, sure, we make a fair number of seasonally appropriate beers, but the Bay Area suffers from not really having anything resembling a real autumn season. In fact, our winter is like four straight months of rainy ass autumn, and then September and October are chock-full […]

Beer That’s Not Really A Beer

DAMN it’s tasty! In anticipation of its release Friday, we broke out a bottle of the long anticipated Headzo No. 2 with Barrel Master Travis Camacho. When Camacho tried this beer two years ago he knew he wanted to let this big-ass beer mellow out. “The beer had a lot of sweetness to it, and I […]

Our Favorite Kind of Therapy

This year, for our 27th Anniversary, we’re releasing an all new limited Triple IPA. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Get inside our obsession with hops for some Aroma Therapy. Did you know that smell is the only one of our five senses that connects straight into the brain? Yep, your nose is kind of […]

The Unholy Alliance

We love working with local companies, bringing together seemingly different industries to make some kick ass beer. Unholy Alliance, our aptly named collaboration with Rock Wall Wine Company (Alameda, CA), is a Viognier Grape American Sour Beer that’ll be released for the first time ever in bottles on August 26th. Rockwall provided us with 2000 pounds […]