Unfiltered: Yes, We Can!

We’ve been making cool one-off beers at Drake’s for years, and the only way to get them home was in a growler, which was quite inconvenient by bike. We’ve really wanted to do a better job of making these beers available, so we finally bit the bullet and bought a little table-top canning line.

Brightside Extra Brut IPA Now in Six-Packs

The Drake’s brewing team has been hard at work since February playing a pioneering role in the development of the new Brut IPA style. The pale, dry, highly-carbonated, champagne-esque beer, has quickly become an innovative platform for hop appreciation.

Drake’s DIY: Ice Cream Beer Float

Happy National Ice Cream Day, another uselessly wonderful excuse to celebrate an otherwise uneventful Sunday! We’re giving you the scoop on how to get in on the festivities like a true craft beer drinker.

HAYS: A New Series of Hazy IPAs in Cans

We’re no stranger to hazy IPAs. In fact, we’ve brewed small batches of juicy brews for years. Our first hazy beer sold out in just two days. It was the fastest selling beer we’ve ever made. More draft only releases quickly followed, and demand for cans grew louder.

Drake’s DIY: 6-Pack Crown

Prepare ye self for this historic holiday with a little red, white and brew crafting, using independent beer and a little ingenuity.