The Owl Flies Again

A couple years ago, we released an Imperial Brown ale with coffee called Electric Owl. People here at the brewery loved the beer, and it had quite a few fans. For some reason though, I’ve never brewed it again.


Drake’s Brewing Company have become well-known in recent years as innovators in the Bay Area craft beer scene.

Sacramento Beer Week at the Barn

Drake’s is gearing up for Sacramento Beer Week. We couldn’t be happier to join the festivities, especially the 10th anniversary of this local celebration. It’s the first year we’ll be hosting events at the BARN, and we have a fantastic lineup. You can stop by for a special flight, sit down for a beer dinner, […]

SF Beer Week Collab-A-Palooza

By John Gillooly, Drake’s BrewmasterJanuary 31st, 2019For San Francisco Beer Week this year……we really went deep on the collabs and brewed some really special beers with a few of our favorite brewers. Some really good ideas got put on the table, and execution was excellent across the board. We were hosts to Cellarmaker and Urban Roots, […]

Beer Talk Radio: John Gillooly Interview

Go deep inside our operations with Drake’s Brewmaster, John Gillooly, to learn more about how we operate, the quirky side of brewing, and more.