Donation Requests

Anyone seeking a donation of beer or other items from Drake’s Brewing Company must fill out this form completely. The more information you can provide about your request the better. Please bare in mind that we receive many more requests than we are capable of fulfilling but we try to respond to requests within 7 days. It significantly improves our ability to process donations if we are given 30-days notice ahead of your event.

Donation Request

    We may only offer donations to organizations with a bonafide non-profit (501c) tax exempt status from the IRS.
  • Please enter the non-profit's 9 digit tax exempt ID number.
  • Please describe your organization and its mission.
  • Please write details about your event. Please include amount of beer requested, date/time, location, number of expected attendees, and if other alcohol or beverages will be served.
  • Feel free to give a range if you are not sure.
    If your event plans to charge for tickets or sell the alcohol, it will need a California ABC Daily License. Information can be found on the ABC website. We will need a copy provided prior to your event.
  • Please use this space to add any additional information you would like us to know regarding the donation.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.