Anyone seeking a donation of beer or other items from Drake’s Brewing Company must fill out this form completely. Please bear in mind that we receive many more requests than we are able to fulfill, and having at least 30 days notice improves our ability to fulfill your request. Please provide as many details about your event as possible. We typically respond to inquiries within 7 days.

    *Required field

    Please upload your 501(c)(3) here.

    501(c)(3) must be uploaded in .pdf format, maximum file size 2mb

    Please consider that any donations must be picked up at Drake’s Barrel House in San Leandro the week before the event. We do not have the ability to ship donations to other regions at this time.

    Please note: due to legal constraints as a beer manufacturer, we are not able to donate gift cards or merchandise to be used for charitable fundraising.

    If your event plans to charge for tickets or sell the alcohol, it will need a California ABC Daily License. In order to qualify for a donation, the non-profit must hold this license under its own name. We will need a copy provided prior to your event. Information can be found on the ABC website.

    You do not need a 1-day ABC license (ABC Form 221) only under these conditions:
    (1)There is no existing retail license interfering with the event location.
    (2)The donated beer is offered to attendees free of charge, not sold directly or indirectly (i.e. through an entry fee or cover charge to participate in the event)
    (3)The event must be enclosed, out of the public eye, and by invitation only.

    Please upload your 1 day ABC 221 License here.

    ABC 221 License must be uploaded in .pdf format, maximum file size 2mb

    For raffles and/or auctions, CA requires a non-profit to have the event permitted (CT-NRP-1) through the Attorney General’s office.