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Fire Fueled Fowl Play Date

Watch live on Facebook or YouTube on June 21 at 6pm.

Our irrational dedication to brews and foods cannot be tamed! We’re turning up the heat in quarantine with our IRL BFFs Henhouse Brewing for the first-ever Fire Fueled Fowl Play Date, featuring Bay Area Beer Guru Sayre Piotrkowski, industry treasure Brewmaster John Gillooly, and a dozen of the spiciest wings mail-order hot sauce can provide.

Tune in LIVE at 6pm on Sunday, June 21st, for an hour-long beer industry interview, our virtual ode to the in-person Brewer In The Hot Seat events of yesteryear. It’s truly an honor to provide y’all with the public service of a thought-provoking panel discussion while grown men cry through the pain of successively hotter wings. No milk, no bread, just meat and beer.

Wanna play along? Sayre will be sipping Flyway Pils, John will be drinking Best Life Blonde Ale and both will be enjoying the fine hot sauces of the Heatonist. The final round will feature “Fowl Play 6: The Undiscovered Country / the Needs of the Few ≥ the One,” our 11.8% Old Ale collaboration. Can these dudes withstand the heat? Probably. Will this be an educational experience? We hope so. Is everyone going to be drunk by the end? Undoubtedly.

We’ll be broadcasting on Facebook and YouTube Live. Make it a watch party and invite your friends!