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Brew Rhino Keg Club

Drake’s keg sales are made through our exclusive Brew Rhino Keg Club program at Drake’s Barrel House. On your first purchase you buy the 5 gallon keg itself ($70), plus the additional cost of the beer inside. Then you’re the proud owner of your own beer keg!

On subsequent visits, just bring in your Brew Rhino keg to trade out for a fresh keg of beer. Keg shells are non-refundable and are yours to keep once purchased. Please note that we cannot guarantee all styles will be available at any given time, but we strive to carry as many as possible.

Due to our constantly changing inventory, it is best to contact the Barrel House directly via phone (510-568-BREW) or ask your bartender to check Rhino availability. The kegs are standard D-coupler Sankeys and Rhinos are typically stocked on Monday and Friday mornings.

If you’re interested in joining the Brew Rhino Program, talk to a bartender next time you visit the Barrel House.