Drake’s Dealership is one of the most unique venues in downtown Oakland for hosting gatherings or celebrations, such as birthday parties, reunions, or casual business gatherings. Please review the options below and submit the form at the bottom of this page to make a banquet inquiry.

Available Spaces

Benches and stools surrounded by a wood and brick wall, softened with lush plants

Alley Bar


The perfect private outdoor space for any intimate gathering, such as happy hours, birthdays, wedding events, or baby showers. This space is a private rental only and hosts up to 30 guests comfortably. It comes equipped with 2 heaters and a speaker with an auxiliary cable to play music respectfully in this space. Please inquire for more details.


  • First 2 hours – $200
  • Each additional hour – $100
Rows of picnic tables and benches in the beer garden

Beer Garden


Casual style picnic tables can accommodate up to 15 seated guests in each row or a maximum of 75 seated guests at all 5 rows. This space is rented by the row or by the entire picnic table area. If rented as a whole, the picnic table area can also accommodate up to 100 guests reception style for a more causal, mingling event.


  • 30 guests max – first 2 hours $300, additional hour $150
  • 45 guests max – first 2 hours $450, additional hour $225
  • 60 guests max – first 2 hours $600, additional hour $300
  • 75 guests max – first 2 hours $750, additional hour $375
  • 100 guests max – first 2 hours $900, additional hour $450
The industrial interior of the Utica Room

Utica Room


Available for private or semi-private events for you and your guests. Accommodating up to 70 seated guests or 90 reception style, the Utica Room looks out into the Beer Garden through three large windows for access to fresh air on a beautiful day. The space is equipped with three 50” HD TV’s including HDMI inputs for AV presentations or live TV entertainment, which makes the Utica room perfect for meetings, rehearsal dinners, birthday celebrations, or any other reason to celebrate.


  • 40 guests max – first 2 hours $400, additional hour $200
  • 80 guests max – first 2 hours $800, additional hour $400

Available Packages


$25 per person. We will provide salad, pizza, and desserts for all of your guests. Additional items can be added a la carte.


$20 per person. This package includes a choice of 2 Lil Bits, 1 Hot Bit, and 1 Platter that we will serve at the beginning of your party. Additional items can be added a la carte.


There are 10 pieces per item unless stated below.

  • Feta Spinach Puffs – puff pastry bites filled with feta cheese and spinach – $35
  • Pear Crostini – thinly sliced crostinis topped with pear, blue cheese, candied pecans and honey – $30
  • Mini Tarte Tatins – caramelized shallot mini tarts – $35
  • Garden Focaccia – focaccia loaf with mixed herbs veggies and fruit baked into crust – $15
  • Goat Cheese Tarts – tart shells filled with whipped thyme goat cheese, drizzled with honey – $25
  • Cucumber Bites – cucumber topped with cream cheese, confit baby tomato, bacon, balsamic glaze – $25
  • Mushroom Bruschetta – crostini topped with herb bean spread and marinated mushrooms with lemon zest – $30

Each item feeds 10 people.

  • Mac n Cheese – shallow hotel pan with pasta, cheese sauce and panko topping – $75
  • Baked Potato Fry Platter  – large platter of fries, sour cream, bacon, green onion, shredded cheese – $35

Each item feeds 20 people.

  • Seasonal Salad – either grain or green seasonal salad option available on our current house menu – $70
  • Mixed Green Salad – mixed greens, tomato, red onion, cucumber and harissa chickpea with 3 choices of dressings – $60

Each item feeds 20 people.

  • Meat Platter – mixed cured meats, crostinis, dried fruit and dips – $150
  • Cheese Platter – mixed cheeses, crostinis, dried fruit, nuts and jam – $150
  • Spinach Dip – spinach and cheese dip with crostini – $85
  • Roasted Bell Pepper Dip – roasted pepper dip, whipped feta, flatbread – $85
  • Hummus Platter – hummus 3 ways, mixed veg and flatbread – $65


  • Mix and Match 6 Packs – select six 12oz bottles or cans (options below). Additional up-charge for bigger bottles or cans may apply. Must be ordered ahead. Ordering during your party will be subject to availability – $30
    • 1500 Dry-Hopped Pale Ale
    • Flyway Pilsner
    • Best Coast IPA
    • Kick Back IPA
    • Denogginizer Double IPA
    • Hopocalypse Hazy Double IPA
  • Pitchers 64oz – Does not include barrel-aged beers:
    • Drake’s Core Beers – $30
    • Drakes Specialty Beers – $34
    • Guest Beers – $34


Let us make your next event a memorable occasion!

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